Friday, April 17, 2009

'Bones' Brings Back an Old Friend


OMG, Gordon Gordon was back last night! As if it wasn't already awesome enough that we had a bonus episode of Bones this week. And just in case you weren't suffering from an awesome overload, the episode (courtesy of Gordon Gordon) posed a question that we can all ponder and discuss for months to come. Here's a breakdown of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Gordon Gordon, Gordon Gordon, Gordon Gordon!!!! As much as I love Sweets (and we all know I do), it was so good to have our favorite British shrink back. Even better, he and Sweets worked together and their interaction allowed Sweets to work through a bit of his childhood issues. And even better, this led to Brennan and then Booth revealing something painful from their own childhood. Gordon Gordon can work some serious magic! He also posed an intriguing question that we can all discuss and disagree on for months to come when he told Sweets that within the relationship between Booth and Bones, one of them is aware of the attraction between them but struggles everyday with it while the other is unaware. The easy answer is that Booth is aware and Bones is unaware. After all, he's the one who's in touch with his feelings and she is in touch with her science. But, I'm going out on a limb and reversing it. I think the fact that Booth is in touch with his feelings means that he wouldn't struggle with them while Bones would because she's afraid to open up and let others in. The scene at the end where Sweets finally figured it out didn't do too much to help out, but there were a few lingering looks from Brennan and Booth. Hmm...

The icky obsession with death within the metal community in this episode. One band stole the body of the murdered band member from another and then hung it up on stage. Meanwhile, everyone was trying to claim credit. Back on stage, the bands and their members were attempting all sorts of tricks to fake their deaths or prove that they were "hardcore." It was definitely an eye-opening look at a subculture. And who would have thought that Sweets was once a part of it?

Booth revealing that if it hadn't been for his grandfather, he would have killed himself as a teen. Wow -- that's some ugly darkness and angst. And he just put it out there without allowing for any follow up discussion. I think Bones was pretty shocked as well.

If you missed last night's episode ("Mayhem on a Cross"), check it out for free at


John said...

I liked this episode. I think it was Gordon Gordon. (By the by, is the actor famous for anything else? Was he a singer at one time?)

My only nitpick this week is the skeleton. As we have learned for the show, flash doesn’t disappear right after death. Someone had to remove all the flesh and then string the bones together with wire or something. I don’t remember anyone mentioning either thing.

I can see Booth recognizing the attraction and struggling with it, since it would probably violate FBI regs and cause of problems if they became a couple. And he might be afraid that Brennan doesn’t reciprocate and if he acted on his feels it would destroy their current relationship. After all, “relationships don’t have to be that honest” to paraphrase Booth.

It could of course be Brennan, but I just don’t see her has being capable of having really deep feelings for anyone.

I don’t understand what GG meant by Booth and Brennan really being the same.

Anonymous said...

His name is Stephen Fry is a bit of a comedy god in Briton he is part a double act with Hugh Lauire (House) and has been in many things (Blackadder, a little bit of Fry and laurie, Jeeves and Wooster, and QI) Has written books and was In Oscar Widle inspired film Wilde and was part of Cambridge footlights with Hugh Lauire, Rowan Atkinson and Emma Thompson

John said...

Thank you.

RichE said...

Stephen Fry is considered a "national treasure" in England, and rightly so. You name it, he's done it. And knows more about just about everything than any of us could dare to imagine.

He's written, directed, acted, hosted etc. He's a big Twitterer. He has his own website with blogs and podcasts. He has extensive knowledge on all things technology. He had one of the first Apple Macs in the UK, along with writer Douglas Adams.

He's a god. A big cuddly, lovely god.

His air guitar was rubbish though :-)


RichE said...

Double Bones next week too! Monday and Thursday night! We're going to be well and truly Boned!



Melissa said...

The body had been buried for 6 months before the first band put him on the cross.