Friday, April 24, 2009

Masked 'Bones'


A girl could get used to this double-dose of Bones every week! Because, let's face it, one night with Booth and Bones just isn't enough. Here's a look at this episode's Good, Bad and Ugly.

There seemed to be a bit more emotional growth on the part of Brennan. She all but admitted that her lack of close, intimate relationships has to do with her fear of abandonment because everyone she has loved has left her. She asked Booth and Det. Nakamura (not to be confused with Hiro Nakamura) about losing someone they loved. For Booth, it was the hypothetical scenario of losing his son. Her question -- Is it worth it? Those of us who have loved know that it is, and I think that both Booth and Det. Nakamura were able to get Bones thinking about what she's missing out on by protecting herself from hurt. I don't expect her to connect better with others, but I do think that she may be starting to get the whole "someone to come home to" concept.

Although it made for some interestingly awkward scenes, I thought that the speculation about Dr. Tanaka's gender was a perfect pick for this week's "BAD" category. Until Angela raised the question, I hadn't thought that gender was up in the air. I (mistakenly) thought Dr. Tanaka was a female, but in my defense, the actress playing the role is female. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I thought that this subplot was weak and a little over the top.

Alright, you guys can probably guess this one, but it's definitely the pimp's decision to put Det. Nakamura's sister's mask-covered head on a bamboo pole in the roommate's apartment. Now, that is something you DO NOT want to come home to!

If you missed last night's episode ("The Girl in the Mask "), check it out for free at


quirkyknitgirl said...

I definitely agree--aside from the whole general immaturity, it didn't make sense to me. Angela's supposed to be bisexual right? And have spent some time in the queer community--surely she would have encountered genderqueer people of some sort before, right? Sigh. Weak subplot, and just kind of sad.

John said...

I also thought Dr. Tanaka was female and didn't understand the big issue. If she were going to be a permanant part of their group I can see them being very curious, but for a short-term visitor their reactions were over the top.

I have a question? Who put the body and head in the marsh? The pimp put the head in the aprtment and I guess dumped the headless body in the marsh. Who moved the head?

As to Bones "growth", I will have to see if there is any consistent change.

TVFan said...

My understanding was that the roommate dumped the head in the marsh because she was scared and in the U.S. on an expired student visa. This precluded her from seeking the authorities.

John said...

It is quite a coincidence that she chose, unknowingly, the same general area that the body was dumped. She had the entire D.C. metro area to chose from.

TVFan said...

I thought the exact same thing. ;-)

RichE said...

They did state quite early on that that area was commonly used for dumping bodies.

After the fun of the previous episode this one was a bit of let down. I've nothing against the more serious ones but this one didn't quite work for me.

The "what sex is the prof?" bit struck me as a bit weak but it was an attempt to give a bit of light relief to the serious case. The prof was clearly female so I'm not sure why they went male.


John said...

It may be a common dump site for people whose business it is to dump bodies, but I doubt a recent Japanese immigrant/prostitute would know that.