Monday, April 27, 2009

Mary's New Sidekick

PHOTO: USA Network

You know, I'm surprised no one has tried the old amnesia act before on this show. And I wonder how often it's attempted in real life. It's an interesting tactic for trying to get out of testifying (of course in this episode, it had more to do with the witness's fear of social situations/public speaking and less to do with a fear for retaliation). I wasn't sure how Mary was going to get him on that witness stand testifying about his business partnership with the two goons on trial, but she sure pulled that one off! That "Bob" idea was brilliant! As the psychiatrist psychologist said, nobody is better at their job than Mary. Speaking of the psychologist, I love the way the show had her following Mary around -- watching her, taking notes, analyzing her. I can't think of anything that could possible drive her nuts more than having that woman tagging along. Too funny. It was effective, however; so effective that I began to wonder if the Philly PD ought to attach one to Lilly Rush's hip on Cold Case.

I swear, the mother goes from bad to worse. I'm starting to feel like we're the ones saddled with her right along with Mary. She's a train wreck. She causes nothing but undo stress and heartache for Mary who is simply trying to do right by her (and her dad). It's a tough situation, but I have the perfect cure-all for the writers: send her to rehab!! Think about it -- we (and Mary) would be rid of her for several episodes (possibly an entire season) and she would come back a better, more functional member of society, television and Mary's life. Think about how much better the show, Mary's life and our life would be! Simply put, the character is a drag on the show and I hope they find something to do with her -- STAT -- because the rest of the show is rockin' this season. How funny was that pissing contest between Mary's office and the FBI?!

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John said...

Sending the mother to rehab is a great idea. Now what do we do with the sister.

I can understand Mary wanting to help or feeling guilty and helping to assuage her guilt, buther family could puller her under and drown them all.

I am more convinced than ever that the new office manager (O.M.) is a spy for the FBI. As a good spy she has to get the offices support and what better way than to swat down an officious FBI agent. And if she were just the widow of an FBI agent who could she call and get them to immediately step into the FBI/U.S. Marshal’s fight? I figure she called her handler and he stepped into solidify the O.M. as a friend and to keep the other agent from so stirring up the Marshals that no spying could be done.

The other alternative is that all this is the product of too much TV watching.