Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pressed 'Bones'

You guys know I love me some Sweets, especially when he's combined with Booth and Bones. As you can imagine, I LOVED their interaction this week. Here's a closer look a the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Pretty much anything having to do with Sweets as well as Booth and Bones's disagreement on whether or not to tell him about what they saw at the bridal store. Of course Booth and Bones being, well, Booth and Bones, they automatically assumed Daisy was engaged and cheating on her "fiance" with Sweets. Keeping with the whole "assuming makes an 'a$$' out of 'u' and 'me'" theme, they were wrong (as I figured -- notice I did not "assume") and Daisy was merely shopping for a dress for her cousin since she was out of town during the sale. Luckily for Sweets, Daisy is the forgiving kind who thinks that her boyfriend's jealousy is a term of endearment so no real harm was done. But, it did make for some great scenes between Booth and Bones and between Booth, Bones and Sweets. That scene at the Founding Fathers restaurant was worth tuning in for alone! Runner-up in this category -- Bones recognizing that her views on love and relationships are practical and scientific, but they aren't necessarily the path to happiness.

This is going to sound completely out of character for me and completely out of the spirit of the show, but I'm going to have to go with the series' repeated use of the "you two would make a great couple" theme. Sure, it's amusing that everyone can see it except Booth and Bones, but the point has been driven home a bit too much that it's beginning to feel like overkill. There were two, count them, two of these moments in this week's episode. The first one, with the plastic surgeon asking if he needed to be there while they worked out their "relationship issues," was hilarious. I LOVED it. The second one, with the bridal shop lady, was just too, how should I say this?, anvil-ous for me. Perhaps the writers are trying to lay some groundwork in these final episodes, but it's just feeling a bit heavy-handed to me.

The manner of death. First, she was deliberately mowed over and then, she was deliberately driven over and crushed so severely she had tire track-pattern bruising. That's some serious hate! Or in this case, hurt. Runner up in this category -- the victim. She was engaged and yet, she was still actively participating in the "Date or Hate" dating service. She was pretty vile.

If you missed last night's episode ("The Cinderella in the Cardboard"), check it out for free at


John said...

I didn’t care too much for this episode.

Like you I thought (to avoid the word assumed) that Brennan and Booth were too quick to jump to a conclusion about Daisy. Her explanation was innocent, but not particularly logical. Is she the same size as her cousin? And her hug with the cousin’s fiancé was a bit much. He was that thrilled to get a good deal on a wedding dress?

When the wedding shop owner went on about B&B being a couple I noticed that Booth was very slow to produce his badge. He normally does it as he starts to talk to a witness/suspect. But if he did that this time, the couple talk wouldn’t have happened. I don’t like transparent writing ploys to set up a scene.

My major problem with the episode was Brennan’s total inability to function as a competent adult in anything other than the technical aspects of her job. She even is incompetent in questioning suspects. And why was she questioning the website owner? She isn’t good at it and her technical expertise was not needed.

I get that she is socially inept, but Cromartie on T:TSCC has a better understanding of human interactions. Maybe that is the explanation for Brennan’s empathy problems – she is METAL!

And I don’t think the tell Sweets/don’t tell Sweets argument as one side as the show presented. If and when B and/or B were certain of the facts, then there is a case to be made for telling Sweets. First you would have to find out how serious he was about Daisy and then maybe tell him. But do so in a way completely different than Brennan.

The bride to be was a very unpleasant person, not that that justifies her murder. And the murder’s motive was very week.

I actually expected “Blossom” to be the murderer. When I was surprised she had such a minor role. I know there are no small parts, just small actors, but 60 seconds of screen time and a couple lines, really?

RichE said...

I figured they were wrong about Daisy. You're right John that the whole "trying on the dress and hugging her cousin's fiancé" thing was unrealistic. My thought was that she was genuinely trying on her own dress and that the guy was her brother. She was getting ready to propose to Sweets. I assumed that when Bones told him that he figured it out for himself and was freaked out about it.

I was more surprised that Bones jummped to the conclusion of Daisy being engaged to someone else. Bones doesn't jump to conclusions without the evidence. She admonishes the squints for doing so!

They seemed to skip the part about getting the body into the skip and getting it covered in flattened boxes. The ran her over by accident, sort of, and then did it again. But that was all within the confines of his truck. Was he really going to get out and scrape her of the floor and drop her into a skip? Didn't strike me as the sort with the stomach for it. Could you have done that?

But all-in-all another entertaining episode.


TVFan said...

Good points about the dress scene being unrealistic. I figured she was trying the dress on for herself and hugging her brother as well. There are a lot of women who go to those sales and purchase a dress when they're not engaged. It seemed like a perfectly rational explanation.

Good point about the episode skipping over how the body ended up in the cardboard pile.