Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Spy Who Loved 'Chuck'


A few weeks ago, I wrote about the unwritten rule that TV shows get better right as talks about a possible cancellation begin. At the time, I was referring to Cold Case (which seems to have done a 180 in recent weeks), but the same holds true for Chuck. Tonight's finale was proof positive that this charming little spy dramedy should not end with last night's episode. It even included those dreaded three words, "To Be Continued..." so it would be criminal for NBC not to renew this show. Like so many TV fans out there, I am so tired of losing my favorite shows to the ratings game. I've said goodbye to Joan of Arcadia, Everwood and Veronica Mars in recent seasons and I can tell you one thing, it never gets any easier. Let's hope that Chuck isn't destined to join that list this season. As awesome as those flashes were, imagine how kickass this new kung fu ability is going to be next season. We have to see Chuck kick some serious a$$ with his new and improved Intersect (now complete with super fighting power). Plus, I want to know if Brice Larken is really dead this time and whether or not Morgan becomes a Benihana chef.

Of course, all of this kung fu/Intersect talk means more spy work and more spy work means no more normal life for Chuck. I'm not so sure that the end of the spy game is that good of an idea for the son of Orion. I'm not suggesting that he has to go out and save the world everyday, but I could see Chuck working for the government in an analyst capacity as the General suggested. And then there's Sarah. She and Chuck are one of my favorite TV non-couple/couples, so I was so excited when she shook her head at Brice indicating that she wasn't going with him. She was leaving it all behind for Chuck and I was so happy. Now that Chuck has been re-acquainted with the Intersect (new & improved), that normal life between him and Sarah has to be put on hold once again. So, a mixed bag as far as Chuck's decision to play the hero goes.

RANDOM THOUGHTS... As soon as Ellie mentioned the beach wedding, I knew the fancy one was going down the toilet and yet, watching the nice stuff get destroyed kinda hurt. Chuck was sorta vocalizing what I was thinking during those scenes. Jeffster doing "Mr. Roboto" = AWESOME! I almost fell off my couch laughing when they broke out with that one. Am I the only one who's kinda sad that Roark is dead? I know, I know he's evil and horrible and completely psychotic, but I kinda liked the guy in an evil bad guy sorta way.

Save Chuck so he can save the world!

If you missed this week's episode ("Chuck Versus the Rings"), you can watch it for free at Hulu.com.

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