Monday, April 20, 2009

Mary Becomes the River

PHOTO: USA Network

I'm a little thrown off by this show's early return. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have it back; I was just expecting it to return this summer as part of the "2nd Season." Plus, it has been soooo long since we left off that I was feeling a bit out of the loop. Luckily, USA was kind enough to include a "previously on..." before the premiere started. The show returned with a bang and I think it got the season off on the right foot (after I was feeling meh about the season finale). Admittedly, this case was complicated -- REALLY complicated (as in, I spent some time after it ended sorting through the entire convoluted story to figure out what happened) -- but, I liked the fact that the family's WITSEC status was secondary to the real narrative taking place. Lily died not from an imprisoned criminal's obsession with revenge, but because she took her own life after learning that she had and was developing the symptoms of Huntington's Disease. Her daughter turned off the gas and opened the window and effectively, erased the proof that her mother had committed suicide and threw herself and her siblings into the suspect pool. Meanwhile, poisoned gold coins left to the family almost cost them two more members. None of it had much to do with WITSEC, but it was very intriguing.

I don't know, call me crazy, but I kinda liked Nice Mary. I know it didn't feel right at first, but she started to grow on me just before she tossed that desk. I knew it couldn't last, though, and I spent the time until it ended waiting for the other PTSD shoe to drop. And boy did it ever! She needed to get it out. And now she needs to see the job-issued shrink to work through it. Something tells me that she's going to pull a Lilly Rush during her mandated sessions, but who knows? Maybe she'll surprise me. After all, who would have thought that she would have enjoyed watching Marshall play boss?

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John said...

This was a good return to the series.

Mary’s mother and sister are still VERY annoying.

The new office manager intrigues me. I don’t like her, but I suspect she is an FBI mole sent to spy on the team and Mary in particular. NOTE: This is NOT a spoiler, just a guess on my part.

The plot was very complicated and hard to follow. Also, the coins weren’t left to the family. The two girls stole them from the thieves years before.

On the coins, why were they left alone for all those years? The two girls knew they were there all the time.

I didn’t really understand the one daughter’s reason for hiding the coins after her mother’s death. So the kids would appreciate the mother as herself and not for the coins? Two thirds of the kids (including the one that moved them) knew about the coins and how they got in the radio. And all the kids seemed to love their mother as who she was and not a source of revenue. What make the one daughter think she was nobler than the others and that she only could miss her mother for the right reason?

Nice Mary was interesting, but if she stayed there would be no show. She is already a pushover for her clients. If she were merry (of Mary) sunshine all the time my diabetes would flare up.

TVFan said...

I wondered, too, about why the one daughter felt the need to hide the coins from the others. That confused me.

I also agree that the mother and sister are still annoying. They weren't as bad this week, but that might be because they weren't in it a lot.

tracytcm23 said...

What confused me was why in the beginning when Mary was at the home of the dead woman she introduced herself as Mary Sheppard to the son of the dead woman and again as Mary Sheppard when the two daughters came in. Does anyone know the reason for that.