Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Years Resolutions with Character

Welcome back and happy 2007! I hope you all had a very happy holiday season. Of course, the most exciting news of the new year for any TV fan is that our favorite shows are beginning to return with all-new episodes! With each passing year, a new one is ushered in and it is tradition to set out our list of resolutions for the New Year. Most of the time, we fail to accomplish these goals past the first couple of months, but it's fun to think that this year may be different. So, why should it be any different for your favorite characters? Here are some of PTR's faves, and what we feel they should be resolving to do in 2007.

Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars) - Stop allowing my pride to get in the way of my personal relationships.

Danny Taylor (Without a Trace) - Tell Elena how I feel about her.

Samantha Spade (Without a Trace) - Find work-appropriate clothing that doesn't have a plunging neckline and stop making every scene with Martin awkward (we broke up 2 seasons ago for Pete's sake!!).

Nathan Petrelli (Heroes) - Stop being such a jerk.

Elliot Stabler (Law & Order: SVU) - Attend anger management sessions, reconnect with my family, and stop doing illegal stuff on the job! -- Trublu

Olivia Benson (Law & Order: SVU) - Get over my issues with Elliot and lose the 'tude. --Trublu

Casey Novak (Law & Order: SVU) - Dye my hair red! --Trublu

Brennan (Bones) - Read up on pop culture, stop trying to pretend that Booth and Cam's little trysts aren't bothering me, and try to forgive my father.

Jack (Lost) - Stop moping around because Kate's hot for Sawyer, get over my daddy issues, and tell the Others to get lost.

Gil Grissom (CSI) - End my ill-advised relationship with my co-worker.

Marin Frist (Men in Trees) - Allow myself to be vulnerable by telling Jack how I truly feel (to hell with that pregnant chick -- the kid's not even his!) and find my own place to live (the hotel room is getting old).

Joy (My Name is Earl) - Beat those damn bogus charges against me so I don't have to listen to (and try not to laugh at) my deaf lawyer (although, she is hilarious to listen to! But I'm gettin' tried of the Sister Joy routine), hide Mr. Turtle (just to see Darnell get all upset) and get Earl to cross me off his list again (I love when that do-good booger kisses up to me!).

JD (Scrubs) - Find a way to finally get that hug I've been wanting from Dr. Cox, tell Turk how much he means to me or just show him by taking him to the mall, and try not to hate Keith just because he dates Elliot.

Dr. Cox (Scrubs) - Continue to ensure that Janelle never gets the hug she so desires, make at least one intern wet himself, and tell Bob-O to go to Hades (and make sure that he really does this time).

Lilly Rush (Cold Case) - Stop allowing fear to dictate my personal life, let Scotty in a little more (our hotel talk was nice), realize that the only thing standing between me, Ray and happiness is our differences and my fear that they can't be overcome, and extend the olive branch a little further in my mother's direction (after all, her mistakes fueled my resolve to be a better person -- so, I do have that to thank her for).

So, there are some of PTR's character resolutions for 2007. Will they come true? We'll have to tune in to find out for sure. In the meantime, what are you character resolutions? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

*Snicker* This was great, TV. And also sounds very true. I admit I don't want Rush figuring out that yet, because I don't want her getting together with ugh Ray. Or anyone else. I love the show as long as there isn't a muffy Rush in it. But that doesn't really depend on me. The Scrubs ones are awesome!! And, please, I HEART your Grissom resolution. Though their relationship doesn't bother me on the show, I'm sick to death of reading Grisson/Sara fics. Sara is ok as a haunted character as long as it's not all about her. About WaT: I don't want Danny figuring out his feelings! I enjoy the tension. And I kinda like Sam's clothes. Totally with ya about the Martin awkwardness--enough already. SVU: I liked her hair red too. As for Stabler and Liv, yeah, they have their little glitches, but I love them just the way they are.

Longislanditalian2 said...

I don't want to Lilly in another relationship or with Ray also. She shouldn't make amends with her mother , it was all Lilly's doing that had got herself to change.

But everything you posted here TVfan is great!!

TVFan said...

Totally agree with your CC comments girls. Oh, and I don't want Danny to tell Elena how he feels about her, either. Some of the resolutions are things that I actually want to see happen (like Grissom's), where others are just what I would imagine these characters would want to change about themselves this year (Lilly, Veronica, Danny, etc). Thanks for your fun comments. :-)

Trublu said...

A big yes for Grissom's resolution; I don't even really watch CSI anymore, but this Sara/Grissom thing is bugging me.

I can't stand the tension between Martin and Sam, you hit that one right on the nose. Danny... can't stand his tension with Elena either, but I don't want another office romance.