Saturday, January 19, 2008

AMPTP and WGA to Meet Again

Some encouraging news on the ongoing writers strike from United Hollywood:

UH has learned that as of yesterday, the WGA began an informal dialogue with one of the conglom bosses. The conversations were cordial and respectful on both sides. This is the way that the DGA talks began -- with informal consultations at a high level between leaders on both sides. It is not negotiation, it's the precursor to negotiation, but the good news is that what Patric Verrone, David Young and John Bowman said at the captain's meeting yesterday appears to be very true: we are finally at a moment where the companies are ready to start seriously bargaining. A letter was sent to membership last night, asking everyone to be patient and calm as we move forward. As frustrating as it is to wait, it's the best way to get the best deal possible.

Full story at UH.

Now's the time to cross those fingers, dig out those lucky charms, and say your prayers to the TV gods because we need a fair resolution ASAP!

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