Tuesday, January 22, 2008

'Medium' Will Always Have Paris

"Dream the dream, find the girl, get the job." If only it were that simple. Well truth be told, it would have been had the father of the missing girl not sold the company to which Joe was applying to Joe's former employer. Talk about your bad luck. Looks like Joe will be standing in the unemployment line for a little longer (at least four more weeks thanks to a network hiatus). Anyone who has gone through the job search process knows how grueling it is, so I feel for Joe. The good thing about being an aerospace engineer, though: it's so specialized that there aren't a lot out there. The bad thing: there also aren't a lot of jobs. Oregon, anyone? In the meantime, Allison kept having those pesky, confusing dreams about an American couple in Paris. It sounds like a bad knock off of a 50s film, and in reality, it wasn't too far off. When the episode first began, I thought that the Paris set looked really fake. I chocked it up to HD until we met the diorama-making ex-husband. Then, I began to wonder if he created Paris hoping to recapture that "we'll always have Paris" feeling between him and his ex-wife. Allison began to get the same notion, but she was sidelined by a lack of evidence and a now uncooperative family.

Just when I thought all hope was lost in a warrant technicality, my Det. Hottie Scanlon came in and saved the day (as usual). It's just too bad that he didn't have a big role this week. When is Devalos coming back?? I want the old gang back together and this new DA wants nothing to do with Allison. His loss (and mine since No Allison = No Det. Scanlon). Damn you new DA! Medium (apparently) will return in 4 weeks with all-new episodes.

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suekola44 said...

I couldn't believe it when they said it wasn't coming back for 4 weeks! The darn show just started! It was another good episode.