Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sarah Gets to Work on 'Chronicles'

By LillyKat
PTR Staff Writer

It’s tough being Sarah Connor.

So many Skynet people to find, so little time.

Plus people keep thinking she’s dead.

Or a ghost.

Did we mention there is no Skynet, yet?

But there is TURK.

Last night, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles gave us our first glimpse at what was apparently supposed to become Skynet – you know, that all-knowing, superbad, self-aware supercomputer that’s going to destroy mankind in a couple of years?

Yeah, um ... well ... as of this moment in time, it’s basically three XBoxes and four PlayStations wired together in the closet of a one-bedroom apartment engineered to play a pretty wicked game of chess opposite its human creator, one by the name of Andrew Goode. Andy, we thinks (as does Sarah), is supposed to be the one to take TURK to that next man-annihilating level.
Sarah: “You talk about it like its human.”
Andy: “You never know. Someday.”

Suffice it to say he really is a Cal Tech Advanced Dork of whom now finds himself on Sarah’s radar. Did we mention he’s also cell phone salesman?

You know that saying: Got to start somewhere.

Or that other saying: Every big idea was at first small.

Or ... well, you get the idea.

Meanwhile, on the evil Terminator front ... we remember from last week’s premiere when Sarah, John, and Cameron blasted forward from 1999 into the present day right before the evil Terminator was going to … well, terminate them? It seems the little time traveling explosion that leapfrogged the good guys forward also snared the evil Terminator’s skull.

Now in 2007, it still ain’t dead.

The skull alone has served as its own magnet of sorts, which has attracted the other fragments of itself back together. But more than that, once assembled (and doing its best homeless-person-don’t-look-at-my-face impression), it finds a super-genome-blood-mega-scientist-whiz-bang doctor to concoct the blood potion that allows a full on terminator machine to dunk itself and emerge with a layer of human skin – albeit kind of old and crinkly (but hey, it’s only 2007; there’s only so much futuristic magic blood potion for machines that can be conjured up in one’s bathtub).



But oh so cool.

I am still loving Summer Glau’s good Terminator, Cameron, and her efforts to blend into high school life alongside John.
John: “I went. I learned. I didn’t get killed. And she didn’t kill anybody, so all in all it was a pretty good first day.”

The humorous moments of this series are so much more rich than the film given they have the time to explore the whole man/machine awkwardness in a much slower way. The brutal honesty in which she answers questions can, at times, be just too darn funny given she doesn’t know she’s being brutally honest.
Girl: “Does this skirt make me look fat?”
Cameron: “Yes.”

We should note that FBI Agent James Ellison, who was on Sarah’s trail back in 1999 is still on Sarah’s trail. The whole fake identity thing might be coming into play given the “safehouse” of resistance fighters the team had to break into last week to get themselves set-up with some cash flow left the odd finger print or two.


Not to mention Enrique (we remember him as Sarah’s source for all things illegal back in the film?) was shot dead by Cameron in last week’s ep given he seems to have knarcked on Sarah’s “re-emergence” to old Agent Ellison.

Double uh-oh.

The fight to save the world continues ...

New episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles air Mondays at 9 p.m. on FOX. You can also watch full episodes online. Just visit the Official Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Web site to catch up (or re-watch!)

** Programming Note: The next new episode will air in two weeks on Monday, February 4th.

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