Friday, January 25, 2008

'Chuck' Plays a Very Good Spy Game

I have a confession: I love Chuck! Just don't tell Mr. TVFan. You see, I was destined to fall in love with this charming show. I grew up watching James Bond marathons and Charlie's Angels reruns on cable. The secret world of spies has always intrigued me, which is why I tuned in to Chuck in the first place. But this show isn't just another entry into the spy genre; it's a marvelously crafted exaggeration of it with plenty of big stunts, beautiful women, jewel heists, and undercover assignments. There is one thing that separates Chuck from every other spy show and movie: Chuck. The accidental spy went from zero to hero overnight thanks to an email containing the all-important Intersect. Now, he has to juggle his spy duties with his job at the Buy More and his time with family and friends (who know nothing about his secret life). And then there's his raging crush on CIA spy Sarah. It's a huge balancing act, but watching Chuck figure it all out and struggle to be there for his sister is what gives this show its heart and soul. Last night, we were treated to 2 episodes (the last two completed before the strike) that reinforced what makes this series so good.

It was only a matter of time before someone figured out who had the Intersect, so Chuck's life is always in danger. But last night, we learned how much he stands to lose if the government learns that he is in immediate danger. That sort of threat gets him a free move to a government facility and 24-hour security where he'll have to live without his family. Anyone who knows the Bartowskis knows that this would devastate both Chuck and his sister (especially since she wouldn't be privy to his location and would likely be told that he was dead). Plus, can you imagine Ellie and Capt. Awesome's wedding without the best man?? Speaking of their proposal, how sure were you that Chuck would manage to lose that ring? I was nervous from the moment Capt. Awesome gave it to him to hold. Thankfully, he got it back (albeit, a little dirtier). Meanwhile, Casey struggled with discovering an old flame was still alive (and a French spy!) and Sarah made her repressed feelings for Chuck a little more apparent (to herself mostly) when she broke orders and went after him before the CIA could put him in that secret government facility. I'm glad she did for Chuck's sake, but it looks like things are even more complicated now for Sarah. Let's hope we get those new episodes soon.

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suekola44 said...

I didn't realize those were the last two episodes. What a bummer!! That show is a pisser. It's right up there with Psych. So last night's 2 eps were like a tease. A little bit of Chuck and then nothing. By the way, the actor who plays him is awesome!!

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