Sunday, January 13, 2008

Teams Have it Made in Taiwan

Last week, TK and Rachel were granted a reprieve with the last non-elimination round of the season. BUT, it came with something more than a Speed Bump - a 3-HOUR deficit to overcome! Can they do it and earn a place in the final 3?? And can Jen and Nathan keep it together under the increasing pressure to secure their place? Let's find out with this week's "live" thoughts.

Jen, let's be honest here, have you ever been "Mr. Nice Jen and Nate??" I suppose it's hard to tell when you're both too occupied with fighting among yourselves to even think about fighting with other teams. How 'bout you concentrate on being "Mr. Nice Jen and Nate" with each other? That worked really well last week.

Prepare to be shocked because there's a, gasp!, catch-up point! Wow, that three-hour deficit is melting away quicker than even I expected. You have to admit; it does make things a lot more interesting, though. Of course, TK and Rachel's terrible sense of direction could make things a little less interesting.

I really hope that Nate doesn't have his heart set on getting some authentic Panang Curry or Pad Thai or meeting up with his "Thai friends" when he arrives in Taiwan because if so, he's going to be very disappointed. You see Nate, Taiwan and Thailand are NOT the same country. Who knew (other than the millions of people who do, in fact, know the difference)? This moment of television was made even funnier by Ron's comment that Nate and Jen are "smart."

I used to only dislike Ron of Ron and Chris, but now, my dislike is spreading to Chris as well. That move at the airline desk was sooo dirty! Race karma better come back and bite them. And now Jen and Nate are fighting on her birthday!! Guys, what happened to working together? United you stand (and stay in the race), divided you fall!

Anyone who has ever traveled out of the country knows that immigration lines suck. Everyone (including TK and Rachel, but excluding Ron and Chris who caught that early flight) is stuck in them. Wow, this really is the worst. Birthday. Ever for Jen!!

What??!! Phil used a stunt double to demonstrate the Roadblock??!! Was he worried about messing up that hair? Or was it the shirt? Either way, I am very disappointed in my Phil. But wait, he just stood in front of exploding fireworks to explain the Speed Bump! So, he'll put his life in danger, but not his hair? I don't get it.

Who thinks TK and Rachel are going to get on that train? Me too. Oh look, we're right! But, it was close. Wow, this is really going to be a mad dash to the Pit Stop this week. That is, if Jen's stress level can make it. Maybe Jen should try some of that "mellow" that she's complaining about in TK and Rachel. It might do her some good. She should be mad about Ron and Chris constantly being ahead of them this leg. I am!

Jen should totally do that Earth Detour. If anyone needs to relieve stress, it's her! Apparently, she agrees because she just decided to do it. Of course, she and Nate are in the middle of another meltdown. This time over subway or taxi. I guess they're not capable of going two legs in a row without a meltdown. And on her birthday, too! All she wanted was for her and Nate not fight, but as Nate said, that may be impossible.

Ron and Chris just landed in first (where is that Race karma when you need it??) and secured their place in the final three. TK and Rachel overcame a Speed Bump, bad sense of direction and a 3-hour deficit to land in second and secure their spot. Nick and Don just grabbed the last place, meaning that Nate and Jen are eliminated and not competing for the million. And now I feel really bad because they're both upset about their relationship and yes I know, I wanted them to break up because I thought Jen deserved better, but damn it, this is bumming me out! These two crazy kids need to work this out. And now I'm TiVo-ing The Early Show tomorrow to find out what happened to them after the race.

Were you bummed to see Nate and Jen eliminated? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

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suekola44 said...

I think I'd had enough of Jen and Nate for one TAR season.That being said, Ron and Chris really need to go after her dirty stunt at the airport. I'm hoping karma bites them in the ass next week! Let's hear it for TK and Rachel. Probably the mellowist and nicest couple to ever run the race!