Thursday, January 10, 2008

CATCH-UP EDITION: 'Lights,' Camera, Murder!

Please forgive me while I play a little game of catch-up. All of the college Bowl games had me TiVo-ing like crazy last week and Monday and now I'm busting at the seams with things to say about 3 exciting episodes of 3 excellent shows. First up, Friday Night Lights...

Friday Night Lights
Poor Tim Riggins. The boy just can't catch a break. He's trying to get his alcohol-filled, brother-hating, school work cheating, loser-ish life on track. He moved in (temporarily) with Coach Taylor and his family and started to rebuild the shattered relationship with his coach and then something like Julie getting drunk- at- a- party- and- him- putting- her- to- bed- while- her- father- walks- in happens, and he's right back where he started from: sleeping in his car. Coach Taylor got the wrong impression and jumped to conclusions based on Tim's history and Tami's worries. Too bad he didn't see what happened at the party when Tim saved Julie from being taken advantage of by a classmate. I'm so bummed for Tim. Despite everything, I really believe that he's a good kid. A little messed up and misguided, but a good kid all the same. Elsewhere, Landry made a gutsy move with Tyra and it paid off - well, sorta. He got her to admit that she has feelings for him (in fact, she's never felt this way about anyone), but she isn't ready to embrace those feelings yet. Landry did the right thing - he told her that he wasn't going to wait around for her anymore. Maybe this will kick things into high gear for these two. They're so the new Amy & Ephram (sniffle, sniffle Everwood).

At a time when all of my favorite shows are running out of new episodes (The Strike Effect), it's good to see some old favorites return. Even if when those old favorites return they're merely a shell of the show I used to know. Yes, I was mourning the old Medium this week and keeping my fingers crossed that it will come back and kidnap this evil twin that has Allison blacklisted, Devalos on a plane contemplating starting his own practice and my main man Scanlon preaching safety to elementary school kids. The end of the episode gave me hope for a return to normalcy, but I don't think the writers are in any hurry since they're introducing us to this Allison-for-hire plot next week. Moving on because if- I- have- to- be- truthful- I- sorta- enjoyed- the- fact- that- Allison- had- to- prove- herself- to- Anjelica- Huston (who is always fabulous and I LOVED that she paid Allison out of her own pocket - well, not Anjelica herself but her character, but you get the point). Anyway, the case was pretty straightforward as were Allison's visions and all of it definitely took a backseat to the upheaval taking place. BUT, I can't get that image of the little boy in the doll box in the storage warehouse out of my mind. It was so disturbing and they sorta just threw it out there and now I'm stuck seeing it when I close my eyes. I'm glad they caught the b*stard responsible, but I have to wonder if this wasn't his first murder considering the thought he put into it. Yuck!

Law & Order: SVU
You guys know that I think these so-called "tandem episodes" are the red-headed stepchild of SVU's otherwise impressive run, but this week's Olivia-centered outing actually worked without Elliot (I mustn't be feeling well this week because I also thought that a barely-there-Lilly episode of Cold Case was good -- maybe it's another strike effect). Curse NBC, though, for their over-hyped previews. I spent the entire episode waiting for the other shoe to drop because of that damn ubiquitous ad ("You know the SVU episodes..."). Consequently, nothing really shocked me in this one (not that it was predictable - I was just extra aware). When this thing first started, I thought that Erika Christensen was horribly miscast, and she was as an FBI agent. BUT then, she turned it on when Olivia hauled her into the interrogation room and she never turned it off all the way up into the character's disturbing suicide. She really brought the crazy, sympathy, depression, and compassion. I'm not sure if Olivia is going to be the same after witnessing that tragedy. Forget her, between the boy-in-the-doll-box on Medium and the suicide in this episode, I think my quota of disturbing images has been reached for the year already.

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suekola44 said...

It's really great to have Medium back! But i too am looking forward to things getting back to normal. I don't know what poor Joe is going to do for a job!! It's not looking too good!