Sunday, January 06, 2008

Teams Stop to Smell the Roses

We said goodbye to the Goth Couple last week, but more importantly, we watched Jen and Nate go from a happy twosome to a name-calling, finger-pointing duo who couldn't find their clue in a local newspaper, "sew" flowers into a lei or navigate the stressful task that is The Amazing Race. Of course, they weren't the only two having problems -- Ron continued his usual berating routine. Which team will self-destruct first? Oh, and who will be eliminated this week? Here are PTR's "live" thoughts:

OK Ron, now that you've just acknowledged your problem with exploding in any given situation, how 'bout you put your money where your mouth is and actually quit doing it this time??!! Let's see how long you make it this week. You're going to have HUGE competition from Jen and Nate who are attempting to quit arguing so much. Oh boy. Who are you guys laying odds on to screw up first? Ron? Me too!

Ding, ding, ding!! We have a winner! Ron lost it over the difference between "direct" and "non-stop" flights and then carried that through into full-fledged hissy fit when the cab dropped them off outside the wrong part of the airport. Talk about your short fuses! Well, this means that Jen and Nate have won the War of the Tempers this week and we're only 10 minutes in. Sad. Let's see how long they can keep their cool.

While this critical contest was taking place, TK and Rachel managed to get themselves on a 2-stop flight to Osaka, Japan (definitely not non-stop or direct, Ron). Question is, how far behind the other teams is this going to make them?

Jen and Nate are psyched because they're the first ones off the flight and on their way to the next clue. In fact, they're so happy, they're actually getting along! They're being goofy and smiley, and they're even laughing!! It's going to be so devastating when they find out that Christina speaks Japanese and plans to use it to her advantage.

Of course, speaking the language does nothing for you if you can't find the clue box! Suck on that, "high 'flautin education" (TM Don). Now, she has decided that she's never driving in Japan. Oh snap! The Roadblock requires one team member to drive a taxi through the streets of Osaka. Christina's a back seat driver!! Pick her!!

Yes!! She's doing it! Meanwhile, Jen is too busy worrying about how she looks in the taxi outfit to realize that the location is in Japanese. OK, now it just hit her. Let's hope she can keep it together. She totally kept her cool despite confusing signs, one-way streets, and very little English, so this leads me to believe that my original assertion (Nate is the problem) was correct.

Nate, why are you trying to blow this great rapport you have going on with your girlfriend/teammate?? At least pretend like you're interested in what she went through!

The flower challenge caused a small almost fight between Nate and Jen, but it was minor and I'm going to let it slide since they've been doing so well this leg. Uh-oh, taxi troubles might cause a bigger blow-up. And now, he apparently pushed her. You never know what's going to set these two off. They have to keep it together and finally nab first place! Why am I rooting for them?? It must be Jen because it's certainly NOT Nate.

You know, even Ron did pretty well this leg. Maybe a leopard can change its spots. Then again, maybe this leg just wasn't quite as stressful as the last one.

It's neck and neck, but Ron and Christina just landed on the mat in first place (boo!!), making Jen and Nate bridesmaids once again. Meanwhile, TK and Rachel landed in last thanks to that crazy flight plan at the beginning of the leg. BUT, it's non-elimination, so they'll be facing the Speed Bump and they'll have to overcome their 3-hour deficit next week.

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suekola44 said...

It's just not looking good for TK and Rachael I'm afraid. They are just too darn mellow and not competitive enough. Absolutely nothing gets them riled! Kudos to the two oldest dudes pretty much going all the way!