Monday, January 21, 2008

Interracial Controversy on 'Friday Night'

Friday Night Lights has never been the type of show to shy away from controversial issues. It tends to hit them head on like its football players crushing the opposing team on the field every Friday night. This week, they took on the emotional issue of interracial relationships. Smash's invitation to girlfriend Noel's house for dinner wasn't just an opportunity to meet the parents. Nor was it intended as a meet and greet between the two families. It was more of an intervention. Noel's parents spoke first about their concerns about this relationship and how difficult it will make things for both Noel and Smash. Then, Smash's mom chimed in agreeing and creating quite the rift between the star running back and his mom. Both sides, while OK with the relationship just worried about society's reaction to it, must be confused about the year, right? I mean, this is 2008! If only that were true. After an innocent trip to the movie theater, it appeared that the road is much bumpier than either Smash or Noel realized. Sadly, Smash's little sister got caught in the cross fire leaving her a little scared. Even if the confrontation in the theater hadn't happened, the looks on people's faces were enough to convey just how uncomfortable some people are when it comes to interracial dating.

Elsewhere, Tim just can't catch a break. He finally decides that he's ready to treat Lyla right and he walks in on her kissing her new Christian radio co-host (Gilmore Girls Matt Czuchry). I'm not so sure Lyla and Tim are a good idea, but it doesn't make me feel any less sorry for him. I'm still catching up on Gilmore Girls (sadly, I'm almost done), so it's nice to see "Logan" in a different role. Meanwhile, Tami had trouble dropping Gracie off at daycare and it even had her questioning her decision to go back to work. As usual, Connie Britton did a fabulous job making me feel torn right along with Tami. Easily one of the most underrated actresses on TV. And then there was Buddy Garrity. I wonder if he's having second thoughts on his decision to take in a troubled teen. It seems you can keep the teen out of trouble, but you can't keep the troubled friends out of the teen's life. Oh boy. New episodes continue (for now) Fridays on NBC.

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