Tuesday, January 15, 2008

'Medium' Pulls the Old Switcheroo

Things are beginning to get back to normal on Medium, and I couldn't be happier. Now, all we need is DA Devalos and Allison working with his office with Scanlon by her side. This week's outing, the second of the season, explored one of my favorite dynamics on this series: Allison working with Ariel. The family stuff is always the best on this show, and I LOVE the mother/daughter relationship because it feels so real. After watching Ariel's role increase last season, I am glad to see that trend continue this season. Sofia Vassilieva (Ariel) has developed into quite the actress. She amazes me with the depth she brings to her emotions and the character of Ariel. She had to play 2 different characters this week, and she completely sold me. When we were watching those awesomely rad 80s flashbacks, I kept forgetting that the same actress was playing Allison's high school BFF. And speaking of the same actress playing two roles, it was nice to see Jennifer Lawrence again. She played a murder victim in one of my favorite episodes from last season, "Mother's Little Helper" (the one where the mother-daughter team owned a dress shop and Ariel and Allison dreamt about their murders from 2 different perspectives). This week, though, she was playing young Allison.

This episode had me right back in full Medium mode where I can't fathom what Allison's dreams have to do with the case. I was wracking my brain trying to tie them together and then they added in Ariel's dreams and I was totally lost. As usual, it all made sense in the end with the cop from the '87 dream being involved in both the past and present. Those Medium writers are so clever!

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suekola44 said...

I just don't know why this show doesn't get its dues. It's just terrific. I love Ariel's increased role in the show as well. It had me guessing to the end too.