Friday, May 01, 2009

'Bones' Goes to a Toga Party


Booth in India... that could have been interesting. Road trip! I thought that he might go (and his trip would have conveniently coincided with the summer hiatus), but he made the right choice in not going. Bones looked a little concerned when she thought that he might go... hmmm. Anyway, here's a closer look at this week's Good, Bad and Ugly.

As is usually the case with this show, the final scene was the most revealing. Every week it's sorta the "unplugged" moment in the show when all of the fancy science, the squint talk, the big laughs and the usual roles of Booth & Bones fade away and we get the characters a bit more stripped down, more real and more honest. I can't say I was too surprised that Brennan had never been "bad," but I also don't think that Booth's theory is always correct. Nevertheless, that final moment when Booth told Brennan to dine and ditch was awesome! She was freaking out and yet, I don't think she had ever looked more alive. Of course, Booth being the good guy that he is, left the money on the counter. She'll never know, so as far as Brennan is concerned, she finally did something bad.

THE (real) BAD
I'm going to have to say the method in which the body was discovered (again). It's always crazy, but recently, the show seems to be going out of its way to make it as ridiculous as possible. It's so silly that I tend to lose focus on the episode at the beginning because I start wondering what would happen if a real body was discovered in such a way (My guess: the news media would explode). I get that it's supposed to be a little crazy because this show doesn't take itself too seriously (one of its most endearing qualities), but lately, it has been a bit too much on the cra-cra side. Let's hope they tone it down next season. A minor point, but it has been bugging me.

The manner of death. A nail gun??!! Yikes! I'm cringing just thinking about how painful that had to be. And he didn't die! He didn't die until he PULLED OUT THE NAIL himself!! Thank goodness this show doesn't do re-enactments CSI-style because I think I would have had to look away.

If you missed last night's episode ("The Beaver in the Otter"), check it out for free at


John said...

This is the second show this week where the male lead talked the female lead into being bad by skipping out on the check, but where he actually paid it. In the first show the guy tipped an extra $5 to have the waitress run out after them yelling. (The other show was One Tree Hill.)

I liked Sweets shutting Brennan down whe she wanted to know how he knew who was guilty.

Brennan often equates Sweets skills to magic (not as praise, but to argue they are as fake as magic). Someone should tell her about Clarke's Law.

RichE said...

After the slapstick episode and then the really serious episde, this one was Bones back on the good middle ground.

Not sure about Clarke's Law. I'd never heard of it before but if this Wiki page is what you are referring to then I'd say it isn't very relevant.

I think I forgot to mention last week's line by Hodgins, one of the best ever. "I rarely get motive from bird vomit."

Two more to go in this slightly extended season.


John said...

It was number 3 in the list: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”, except I have always heard it as any sufficiently advanced science, not technology.

My point was that the science of psychology may just be too advanced for Brennan to understand.