Thursday, May 07, 2009

Morris on the 'Case' for Fashion

Cold Case star and PTR Fave Kathryn Morris attended the C.H.I.P.S Spring Luncheon and Fall Fashion Show honoring Alberta Ferretti. The outing was held in Beverly Hills yesterday (May 6th). Here are a couple photos courtesy of RichE, LII (at Look Again) & Colleen (at

More photos of Kathryn at the event from RichE at Superior Pictures Forum.

Be sure to catch Kathryn this Sunday in the conclusion of the 2-part Cold Case season finale on CBS. To catch up on part 1, visit PTR's write up. And to help make sure that this Sunday's finale is a season finale and not a series finale, sign the petition and join the email campaign to save Cold Case.

EDITED: Added additional photo contributors (LII @Look Again and Colleen h/t RichE


Anonymous said...

I love her dress, Kathryn looks great as always. All she needs now is to be holding an emmy in her hand; actually several of them.


RichE said...

Further proof, as if it were really needed, that Kathryn is a truly beautiful woman. Oh, that smile! And it just goes to show that CC does her few favours. Why can't Lilly look more like that!?! Only, without the designer dress, of course ;-)

I can't, and won't, take all the credit for the pics. LII2 (at Look Again), Colleen (at and others deserve most of it. Thank you to all of them. And thanks to TVFan for posting them here.

Seeing as the event was honouring Alberta Ferretti (I think she is a designer, I know nothing about such things) can we assume that KM's dress is designed by her? I think it is Alberta with KM in some of pics.


Anonymous said...

Even at 40 Kathryn really looks younger than she is.

@RichE- Thanks, I got all excited to see a new photo of Kathryn that I posted it over at Look again. Can't help that I'm a huge fan of hers.