Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mary Keeps the Faith

When I saw the guest cast listed in the opening credits, the first thing I thought was, "OMG, a mini West Wing reunion!" I so wanted Mary McCormack, Joshua Malina and Richard Schiff to share a scene or two together, but alas, we had to settle for several awesome Mary/Richard scenes and one Mary/Joshua scene. It was better than nothing, but I wanted all three. Throughout the hour, I half expected Martin Sheen and Allison Janney to make surprise appearances. And then there's fellow former cast member Dule Hill who stars in that other USA Network show that I (heart) so much -- Psych. I smell crossover! In all seriousness, this episode had me at the opening credits. And how fabulous was Richard Schiff as a rabbi on a mission to get, well, a "get." I loved the love-to-hate chemistry between Mary and his character and how it morphed into a spiritual leader/"I find people" relationship. It was also nice to see Everwood's Hannah again as the wife desperately seeking a divorce from Avi/Andy.

Meanwhile, Jinx was home for a weekend visit and I have to say, she did pretty well. She didn't annoy me and seeing her sober may (and I do stress the word "may") have added something to the episode. It certainly threw Mary off her game which was worth the price of admission alone. She's so used to dealing with her alcoholic mother that she often appears to be on auto pilot with her, but this week, she had to turn off the auto pilot and fly the emotional plane herself. You could tell that she simply wanted to coast through the weekend, but Jinx forced her out of her comfort zone times and she scrambled to regain the control. The letter "confession" at the end was a nice touch and I liked the way Mary joked about being seriously angry about her mother dumping her tequila down the drain. Hey, at least she didn't drink it.

Finally, I'm not sure where this Brandi/Peter thing is going, I can't imagine it leading very far. Brandi, despite her advances in maturity and responsibility, is still a bit of a train wreck and wealthy- Governor's- Ball- going- I- own- half- the- city Peter is going to figure that out sooner or later even if she passes the first test at the ball. I hope she keeps it together because I like Joshua Malina and would like to see him stick around.

In Plain Sight airs Sunday nights on USA Network. If you missed this week's episode, check it out for free at Hulu.com

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John said...

This was a good episode and I agree with your review.

A couple added points. Richard Schiff is no stranger to the USA Network. He was a guest star on Burn Notice. His character there died. He added a lot to this episode. I hope he comes back, but he has a new series next year (on Fox I think) about reincarnation, so I don’t know how available he will be.

My only real complaint about the episode was the reconnection of Avi and his wife. I didn’t care for that at all. And thanks for telling me who played the wife. I knew that I knew her, but couldn’t place her. I was nice to see her again.

Jinx was much better and her scene at the end with Mary went very well.

As for the future of Brandi and Peter, I don’t think the fact that Brandi is a wreck is a problem. She is a wreck, but Peter knows that and as an alcoholic and meeting leader probably not judgmental about that. And although he is rich and successful, I don’t think that is defining characteristic. The potential problem I worry about is that Brandi may not be strong enough to make a lot of progress from being a train wreck to being a functioning adult. Or she might not make it fast enough for Peter. He may like Brandi and also may view her as someone to save and she may not make the progress he wants or needs. I do hope he stays around.

And the idea of a Psych/In Plain Sight cross-over is genius. I want it now. Watching Mary deal with Shawn and Gus in full Psych mode would be priceless.