Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fox Orders More 'Bones'

This coming week is the beginning of the nail-biting time we TV fans know as Network Upfronts Week. Essentially, it's the week where the nets announce their fall schedules and in the process, let us know which of our favorites are in for another season and which are out for good. But fellow Bones fans do not have to cross their fingers, wish on a shooting star or sweat it out any more this season -- or next! -- because Fox just officially renewed the show for not one, but two more seasons!!! I am literally jumping for joy right now. From Creator Hart Hanson (via his Twitter account):
Who am I to argue with Ausiello? Two seasons pick-up it must be!

First Friday Night Lights gets the green light on two more seasons and now Bones! Best. Pre-Upfronts. EVER!!! Now, we just need CBS to renew Cold Case and NBC to renew Chuck. Yay for Bones, though! Here's more on the pick-up from TV Guide:

Capping one of the upfront season's most prolonged back-and-forths over the licensing fee paid by the network to the studio, Fox has decided to renew Bones — for a fifth and sixth season.

Executive producer Hart Hanson announced the pick-up on Saturday, via his Twitter account. Later, Hanson confirmed that Fox had ordered not just one but two more seasons.

Bones likely will be paired on Thursday nights with So You Think You Can Dance, which this year will be launching a fall season veritably on the heels of this summer's cycle.

Bones joins Lie to Me, Fringe, Dollhouse and 24 as Fox's officially announced returning dramas for the 2009-10 TV season.

OMG, and it's being paired with the fall edition of SYTYCD!!!! I am one happy TV fan tonight.


RichE said...

Perhaps I just haven't noticed so much before, but this year there seems to be a lot more talk about cancellations and renewals. The economic situation is probably largely responsible for the networks focusing much more on getting value for money. If the audience isn't large enough the ad revenues won't be there to cover the costs of the show.

Twitter seems to have been used a lot by the people behind the shows to break the news as well. That's definitely new for this year.

Anyway, it is great news to know that Bones has been renewed. Hopefully the additional fact of it being for 2 seasons is true as well.


Anonymous said...

Tvguide has place Cold Case in the good catergory, Without a trace is in the fair catergory and was downgraded.

Good news for CC!!


John said...

I am very happy with a two year renewal. One year was not unexpected, but a two year commitment is a nice surprise.

TVFan said...

More shows definitely seem to be in jeopardy this year than in years past. I think we have a perfect storm of residual writers' strike effects (most shows never regained their pre-strike audiences) and the slumping economy which has forced many companies to cut their advertising budgets or at the very least, to be much more selective about where they spend those budgets. Plus, NBC is cutting an entire hour of primetime every single night to make way for Jay Leno's new show, so that leaves a lot of NBC shows scrambling for a slot. It should be an interesting Upfronts Week.

LII -- I'm encouraged to hear that TV Guide is optimistic about a CC pick-up. Fingers crossed.