Friday, May 08, 2009

'Bones' Makes a Big Decision

This week's episode was a combination of things I saw coming for weeks (thanks to an immense amount of spoilers that infiltrated the regular TV-news outlets and masked themselves as news rather than spoilers) and things that actually surprised me (including my reaction to the baby-daddy story line). Here's a breakdown of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly...

When I heard the now-infamous Booth & Bones spoiler, I reserved judgement. But when I heard about it having something to do with Brennan's sudden desire to have a baby, I'm pretty sure I rolled my eyes wider than I thought possible. However, last night's set-up episode really worked for me (Surprise!). In fact, the "Booth/Brennan might have a baby (via artificial insemination)" story line was very well played and the highlight of the hour. All of the jokes, the shocked faces, scenes with Sweets, and the hidden emotional impact that lay just beneath the surface of this silly scheme made it really soar. Like Sweets, I find Brennan's choice of Booth very symbolic and her lack of realizing her true reason for picking him makes me rethink my belief that she's the one who knows/struggles with her feelings on a daily basis. I'm going back to the obvious choice -- Booth. This, of course, was just one of the reasons why he was struggling with donating his "stuff" and leaving it at that.

The end of the episode hopefully woke Brennan up a little bit (of course, one would have thought that Booth's faked death last season would have done the trick, but whatever). Watching him go through brain surgery, facing the possibility (as small as it may be) that he may not be O.K., and seeing how deeply it affects her should make her realize one simple fact -- there is no point in keeping her heart closed off to Booth in order to avoid any risk that falling for him may cause because she already has and there's no going back. I wasn't expecting an emotional ending, so it caught me off guard. But, I think it made for an interesting set-up going into next week's HUGE finale.

Nothing to see here... Just keep moving...

Without a doubt, the glass of wine with the finger bone in it from the opening scene of the episode! Of course, it wasn't enough to have a finger in the wine, so they had the poor unsuspecting person actually drink the wine! And then we learned that all of the wine critic's remains were actually inside the barrel of wine that they were drinking from during the tasting. Talk about leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Yuck!

The much-anticipated Bones season finale airs next Thursday (5/14) on Fox. If you missed last night's episode ("The Critic in the Cabernet"), check it out for free at


John said...

To me this was a so-so episode.

The thought of giving Brennan responsibility for a baby (for more than a couple hours) seems borderline child abuse. She would see that she/he was fed and clothed and housed, but would be totally incapable of handling his/her emotional needs. And I can't imagine how she would respond to a child’s lack of rationality.

I will put Booth’s odd behavior (agreeing to donate the sperm, but not be a part of the child’s life is totally antithetical to Booth’s personality) down to the brain tumor.

The reactions of the squints and Sweets were funny and interesting.

The mystery was a bore.

Booth’s head should be shaved if he is having brain surgery.

Unless the show jumps ahead in time quite a while (months maybe) than Booth should still have considerable fallout from the surgery - but I am betting he won’t.

RichE said...

The GoodA new episode of Bones :-)

The BadThe fact that this new posting pushed the nice picture of Ms. Morris off the top so I have to scroll to see that smile :-(

The UglyWell not Ms. Morris for a start! ;-)

The problem I had with this episode was Brennan seeming to look on having a child purely as a logical and clinical exercise. Why didn't Sweets ask about the impact of her decision on the child? It got a little irritating.

"The ugly" had to be the finger in the glass, that and the weird floppy bones.


TVFan said...

Hahahaha, RichE. Good one.

Anonymous said...

This episode was good but there was quite a few things i struggled with in this episode.
The way Brennan just decided, on the spare of the moment, that she wanted a baby.
She's always denied wanting one so the way she said it was very unbelieveable. It would have made more sense if the previous episode had been Baby In The Bough but anyway moving on.
Brennan is very a sexually aware aand unshy about it person so again when Angela tells her to do it the fun way with Booth i can't see Brennan struggling, espcially since she doesn't know she's in love with him.
Finally as mentioned above, there's no way in hell Booth would ever agree to let Brennan have his child and then not raise it. He's too much of a wonderful guy and a great father. It's totally against his personality to suggest this and the creators of the characters should know this better than anyone.
I don't know how the writers thought they could get away with this. If your going to do something, do it right. Don't do it just for the sake of it because it might pull in the ratings.