Sunday, February 15, 2009

Birthday Wishes

When I was younger, I was totally into Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman. I had lots of love for the title character and her portrayer Jane Seymour. The show has been off the air for close to a decade now (save for a couple of TV movies that wrapped up a few story lines), but I've continued to follow the impressive career of star Jane Seymour. Then I received the complete Dr. Quinn series (including those aforementioned TV movies) in a nice, tidy DVD set for Christmas this year, so I have been re-watching the adventures of Michaela and Sully and all the other interesting residents of Colorado Springs. It has been a very fun trip down memory lane with a more mature set of eyes. All of this led me to realize that Jane Seymour should be grandfathered in as a PTR Fave. After all, she was the original! Today just happens to be her birthday, so I figured it was a fine time to have her join the fold.

Happy Birthday Jane!!
Your Friends at PTR

And can we just say how fabulous you're looking??!! To prove that point here is Jane dancing the Mambo on Dancing with the Stars:

Seriously, right??!!

DID YOU KNOW? In addition to being an Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actress, Jane is also an accomplished painter, author and designer? Her Open Hearts jewelry collection is a best seller at Kay Jewelers! The pieces, ranging from earrings and necklaces to bracelets and rings and everything in between, were inspired by a saying that her late mother used to tell her about keeping your heart open and "love will always find its way in." The saying has also inspired her latest book Open Hearts - a collection of poems, essays, quotes, and Jane’s “Healing Hearts” paintings. For more on Jane's projects, visit her official site at


LillyKat said...


Awww, TVFan - you got me all nostalgic with this post! :-)

I, too, watched DQMW religiously when I was in college, and I STILL haven't forgiven Les and CBS for its abrupt cancellation. It was such a quality show, and both DQMW and Touched by An Angel held down my weekend television viewing habits for a many years.

Jane is definitely worthy of being grandfathered in as a PTR Fave (which means I think I might have to come up with an equally appropriate and nostalgic post some time in the future to do the same for Roma Downey. ;-) )

TVFan said...

I think the Roma Downey suggestion is a good one!

I've been all nostalgic watching the full series on DVD. It's such a treat to have it in one box set. Such a great show! Like you, I still haven't forgotten its untimely cancellation courtesy of Les and co. at CBS. They pulled the same stunt several years later with Joan of Arcadia, so I have two beefs with the network.

LillyKat said...

Working on bringing Roma to PTR ... ;-)

It's funny you mention Joan of Arcadia ... I had the good fortune to be at a charity golf tournament with actor Joe Mantegna a few years back, shortly after the show was axed. He sat next to me at the after tourney dinner, and we chatted about the show. Super nice guy. At that time, he told me all the actors were really devastated at the show's canceling because they all really believed it was a quality piece of work, and the audience it did have - albeit low int the ratings - was seriously devoted to the show (which I guess would not be kinda Jericho-esque). And yet, Joe completely understood that the whole family drama thing was on its way out, and television is business. It made me appreciate how resilient actors can be - perhaps more so than us viewers. LOL! :-)