Wednesday, February 25, 2009

'Chronicles' Game Changer ...?

Terminator: Sarah Connor ChroniclesBy LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

We here at PTR have been rather disappointed with the lackluster return of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

As in, the show seems to have fallen, and it can't get up.

However, The Hollywood Reporter's Live Feed blog is reporting this today:

[FOX] is hinting that a two-part episode of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" will be a "game-changing" episode, which is often (but not always) shorthand for "somebody dies."

The description:

“Today is the Day, Part 1 of 2”: In the first part of a game-changing two-part installment, Jesse (guest star Stephanie Jacobsen) flashes back to a life-altering mission aboard her submarine, the Jimmy Carter. Meanwhile, Sarah (Lena Headey) and John (Thomas Dekker) decide they can’t continue living in their house and make plans to leave.

Okay, so a flashback while making plans to leave a house doesn't exactly sound like riveting drama. But here's part two:

“Last Voyage of the Jimmy Carter, Part 2 of 2”
The exciting two-parter continues as Jesse’s submarine mission in the future takes a fatal turn that has unforeseen consequences for John, Sarah and Derek (Brian Austin Green) in the present. Also, Sarah deals with Cameron, who has become a liability, and John steps up and makes a life-or-death choice.

Let's hope SOMETHING gets changed because the way things are at the moment ... uh, the end of the world seems to be arriving a might too soon.

New episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles air Fridays at 8 p.m. on FOX. You can also watch full episodes online. Visit the Official Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Web site to catch up on the show.

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John said...

We have been promised John is changing and growing up, etc. before. I will believe it if I see it.

The series does seema little lost since the return. These two episodes will only make sense, in an expenditure time way, if they lead to something big... and soon.

Since, based on the movies, no one can stop the rise of the machines, only prepare for it to fight them more effectively I wish the show would shift emphasis from fighting a losing battle to something that might make a difference.