Friday, February 20, 2009

Fantasy 'Bones'

Bones took on the world of Cons this week -- as in, those conventions where avid fans of World of Warcraft, Star Trek, Star Wars, and every other fantasy genre imaginable gather to dress up and share in their common love of all things fantasy.  Too bad the outing was bit Booth-less.

Knowing that I'm such a sucker for the more, shall we say, tender scenes, this one shouldn't be a surprise.  In keeping with the "Bones is totally clueless about everything not having to do with skeletons, murder, or the scientific explanation" theme, Brennan continues to be blind to what everyone around her has already discovered: she and Booth have feelings for each other -- real feelings.  Or perhaps, she doesn't want to see it.  It has become so obvious that even brand new Agent Perotta has already figured it out.  I loved the scene where she got off the phone with Booth and told Brennan that she can't leave the building without her.  When Bones came up with the wrong reason why Booth made such an insistence, Perotta asked her, "Boy, you really don't know why, do you?"  Nope.  Not a clue.  

Honorable mention goes to that shocking car crash scene with Brennan and Sweets.  By now, we've seen this heart-stopping gimmick done again and again (Alias, TV commercials, movies, etc.), but this new take on an old trick was done very well.  It certainly shocked my socks off!

Three words: Too Little Booth.  I think the lack of Booth and Bones working together made this one a bit lackluster.  Without their partnership, this show just fades into another CSI clone complete with an over-the-top case that peels back some silly layers of a subculture of society.  The characters are what separates this series from the pack, so being down one does the episode a huge disservice.  And it wasn't just me, Bones was missing her chiropractorally-challenged partner and it was throwing her off throughout the case.

While conventional wisdom would suggest that I would pick the very gross dead body at the beginning (and believe me, I wanted to), I actually went with something a bit different this week: the weapon.  Confession: I have a thing about mouth and eye stuff.  It just totally grosses me out.  Imagining that medieval torture/murder tool being thrust into someone's mouth and then expanded until it cracked the jaw and then every other bone on the face just gave me the willies.  I can't even imagine the pain involved with that little device.  I shiver at the thought.

If you missed last night's episode ("The Princess in the Pear"), check it out for free at


RichE said...

I've gotta agree with you on the "ugly" choice. Its "other" uses sound equally horrific! :-o

"You're in big trouble my melancholy friend" was a great line. I kind of hope this squint-de-jour stays for longer, he's fun in a Marvin The Paranoid Android way.

The "Good" wasn't Booth all stiff in his underwear then? ;-)

I was surprised there was not more analysis of the Cons people by Bones. She cleverly described it as an odd mix of the disenfranchised and the commercial franchises, but I would have expected a bit more about people being drawn to particular groups and the dressing up etc.

They could also have played up more on the fact that two hot women were at one of these geeky guy-fests.

I minor point: how did Sweets think the goth-chick wouldn't recognise him at the auction? The only difference from when she saw him last was the Star Trek top.

LillyKat said...

I totally loved this ep! The genre/fan convention angle was SO funny - Comic Con, anyone? LOL! ;o)

I dunno if I am alone on this (and it's probably because I'm a new follower to the show), but I love Agent Perotta being introduced in between the Bones/Booth mix and/or that Bones had to adjust to Booth being out of the immediate picture. It's always such a delicate balance to introduce a new character into such a tightly woven existing dynamic, but I have to say the way they've written Perotta works for me.

I also kinda like the fact she seems to like Booth a little bit, which may give Bones an appropriate run for her money (should she ever just ADMIT she does love Booth). ;o)

Still want Angela and Hodgins back together. LOL! ;o)