Sunday, February 01, 2009

'Crusoe' Signs Off ... Bummer

NBC's New Action Adventure Series 'Crusoe'By LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

Thanks for the memories Robinson Crusoe.

But no thanks to NBC for only giving this show a 13 episode order.

Or not letting us know last night's ep was ... uh, the last.

Did I miss something?

I'm so used to having my other shows let me know when the end is near. And while I will say that I knew we were getting close to the end with Crusoe, a promo saying "See how it ends" would've been helpful.

As it stands, our poor castaway remains on the island fully aware of his right to fortune and of Blackthorn's betrayal. But not before Blackthorn burns Crusoe's tree house to the ground in search of the piece of paper that proves a) William Blackthorn is Crusoe's father; b) makes Crusoe and his family heir to their fortune; c) leaves Jeremiah Blackthorn up a creek with nada mucho.

And even though Crusoe manages to salvage that all-important paper, outsmart his pursuers and broker a deal to get himself home, the crew is on the verge of a black pox outbreak and Friday is being asked to walk the plank.

We just can't have that.

So, Crusoe bails to save not only himself but his friend, and he tears up the all important document right there on the deck of the ship.

Did we say this man was honorable or what? He had no interest in the fortune; he just wanted to go home.

Hmmm ... got guilt, Blackthorn?

Soooo, what are we to make of what happens to our beloved castaways as the Blackthong ship sails off to impending doom and Crusoe and Friday have lost everything ...?

LillyKat's happy ending scenario:

- Crusoe and Friday re-build their shelter somehow ('cause we know these guys are awfully crafty; they make MacGyver look old school)

- Susannah and Olivia (who, thankfully, got the children back from the dreadful orphanage to which Blackthorn had sent them) find some other piece of documentation to prove the Crusoe clan are the rightful heirs to the Blackthorn fortune

- Olivia fesses up to her, ahem, burning of Crusoe's letter; she and Susannah have it out, but they remain friends since Olivia IS the only one to have helped her get the children back AND get her news of Crusoe survival

- When the Blackthorn ship doesn't return ('cause the crew will be wiped out by blackpox), Captain Santana recovers from his illness and keeps his promise to sail back to rescue Crusoe and Friday, possibly bringing Susannah and Olivia

- Crusoe gets home at last to Susannah, now no longer penny wise and pound foolish but comfortably enjoying the riches of the fortune they rightly deserve, raising their children and being ... well, the happy-go-lucky couple they should be.

The end.

What can I say, I like it when things work out.

If you missed any episodes of Crusoe, or you'd like to re-watch the entire 13-part series online, visit NBC's Official Crusoe Web site.

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