Monday, February 23, 2009

'Psych' - O Killer

OK, I'll admit it: they got me.  I guess you could say that they "psyched" me out in the end.  First, I was never convinced that the profiler wasn't involved.  I kept suspecting him because the killer was so well informed about Shawn and the investigation.  Wrong!  Second, I never thought the killer would be a woman!  Wrong again!  So, major props to the writers at Psych for giving us the unexpected.  I'll also admit that I'm a sucker for a good cat and mouse chase, and Shawn versus the Ying Yang killer was very well played.  The clues, the urgency, the stop watch, the scene with Shawn and Gus running like "hobos" to catch the train -- it was all too good.  I was especially fond of the clues written in cereal.  I did think that Yang gave up much too easily at the end, so I suspect that we haven't seen or heard the last from her.  I certainly wouldn't be against watching another round of Shawn v. Yang.

My one complaint about the episode was the sorta unnatural fit of "bringing back the guest stars for the season finale."  Shawn's mom as Yang's second victim was too convenient and Shawn's date with Abigail was too heartbreaking for the immediate future of Shawn and Juliet.  Shawn was right; Jules has terrible timing.  Then again, neither seems ready to enter into a serious relationship, so maybe Shawn's date with Abigail prevented these two from getting in a bit over their heads too soon.  I did think that Shawn was going to ditch her for Jules, but he decided to tell her about the butter instead.  So, it seems that Shawn and Jules are victims of Poor Timing Syndrome in which they never seem to be ready for one another at the same time.  Someday their timing will align, but until then, we'll have to keep watching these near hits.

Psych will return with all new episodes this summer. Until then, you can catch up on this episode and others at


John said...

I liked the episode. I was convinced until the end that Mary was the killer.

I was nice to see Ally Sheedy. I haven't seen her in years. And she was in her Breakfast Club persona (sort of).

I am glad Shawn didn't ditch Abigail.

I want summer now!! (And not just to get rid of the cold weather.)

RichE said...

Psych recently started airing on one of the main channels in the UK: BBC2. A double-bill on Saturday afternoons. So we are several seasons behind already.

I missed the first week and the first episode of the 2nd week (man convinced he's haunted, turns out to be his other personalities).

Looks like fun and I'll try and catch more in the future.