Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Friend in Need

There are a handful of things a show can include in an episode that will shoot it straight to the "awesome" category.  One of those things is working Toto's "Africa" into the outing.  Chuck apparently learned this lesson back when Scrubs included it in its Wizard of Oz-themed episode a couple of seasons ago because it was in full force during this week's hour.  I was a little concerned that we were only going to get the Jeffster version, but then it happened.  Suddenly, the soft- rock- meets- Marilyn Manson cover morphed into the real Toto deal and I was psyched!  One of these days I'm going to figure out why this classic 80s tune strikes my fancy so much.  In the meantime, Chuck had himself a very busy episode.  In between choosing a band for his sister's wedding and taking down members of the Triad gang, he was mending fences with his best friend while trying to save his life at the same time.  Nobody said the spy game was easy, but I enjoy the way this show doesn't allow Chuck to become another member of the feelings-less drone.  He refuses to lose what makes him human and he doesn't let the seedy world he is now a part of taint his view on humanity.  He's a true friend to those he grew up with and those he now works with to protect the world.  

Unfortunately, finding a band for Ellie and Awesome's upcoming nuptials kinda took a back seat to all of that saving the best friend's life bit, but no worries because Jeff and Lester had that covered (literally).  Apparently, the duo has a band ("Jeffster"), and they play cover songs.  At least they would if they actually had a gig.  Instead, they have a few instruments, a microphone, a few t-shirts, one groupie and a lot of fear and doubt.  They do not, however, have any actual talent.  So, needless to say, they have been scratched from the list of possibilities for the wedding.  But that's OK because they got their moment in the Buy More and it couldn't have been more perfect if Toto themselves had been there (SIDEBAR: How frickin' awesome would that have been??!!  Do you think they would have thrown in an encore of "Rosanna" had they made an appearance on the show?  And why not make an appearance?  It's not like they're super busy and couldn't squeeze it into their schedule.  EDIT: My bad, apparently the band continues to tour and plays to sold out venues.  They also released an album in 1997).   Jeffster wasn't the only ones having their moment.  Chuck and Sarah shared one at the end when they caught themselves holding each other's hand -- for real.  Uh-oh!

If you missed this week's episode ("Chuck Versus the Best Friend"), you can watch it for free at Hulu.com.


RichE said...

I've never watched Chuck but you'll be please to hear that I've ordered a copy of Toto IV on CD after reading that review :-)

Africa and Rosanna are amongst the greats.


TVFan said...

That's awesome! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I found some Jeffster clothing: