Tuesday, February 03, 2009

'Trust Me' Gets it Right .. and No One is Watching

'Trust Me' on TNTBy LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

There are some shows to which you can fully relate.

Then there are others you really love, but you can't actually look at the screen and go, "Been there, done that. Worked with him. Saw that happen. Lived to tell about it."

And yet, every once in a while a show comes along whereby you can not only relate to it, but you swear at some point in this life (or another life) you actually lived it.

Trust Me is fast becoming my I-think-I-lived-this-show-once hour of television.

Take, for example, the promotion-in-title-only scenario that plagued poor Mason this week.

Been there. Done that.

And the writers just nailed this PERFECTLY.

Boss is overly excited to hand you a brand new box of business cards with a fancy new title, falls all over himself to congratulate you only to then dance around the fact there is no adjustment in pay for your promotion.

Um, yes, I'll take a super-sized version of work, extra stress with half a serving of politics. Drama on the side. And lots of money.

Oh, but you're out of money?

Can I cancel my order?

Or, how about the hot shot something or other who comes in, makes you think you can't live without him, screws everyone over only to leave, come back, then leave again before anything official ever hits the floor?

Or the stolen creative idea?

Or the neurotic do-gooder who needs one less serving of Red Bull so that we can all just ... well, actually focus on our work?

Speaking of ... how good is Monica Potter as Sarah?

Awfully good. We got a much more thorough introduction to her this week, and I have to say she entertains me in the most strangely annoying way. It's like I watch JUST to see how she can get under Mason's skin.

And while I sit hear and sing the praises of this show, I'm confused to its debut to less than stellar ratings (which continued this week).

This has BJ and Co. as the lead-in and is brought to us from the SAME people who give us BJ and Co.

WTF ...?

Please don't tell me we are going to have the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles syndrome of Monday night doldrums that lead to the demise of yet another good show.

Honestly, TV Land still confuses me sometimes, and I don't get why Trust Me isn't catching on as yet. Is it too fast? Too ad agency-esque? Too ... I don't know ... quirky? Does everyone expect Eric McCormack to turn back into Will Truman?

Someone told me a long time ago there are a lot of GOOD shows that DON'T succeed.

Please don't let Trust Me fall into that group.

Trust Me airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on TNT. You can learn more about the series by visiting the Trust Me Official Web site.

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RichE said...

I am enjoying this show.

I agree that Monica Potter is strangely annoying, but not in the way that seems to entertain you LK. To me she's just annoying.

Sarah Clarke was fun. Hopefully we'll see more of her character outdoing the guys at their own game.