Tuesday, February 17, 2009

'Trust Me' Goes For Au Courant

'Trust Me' on TNTBy LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

Poor Trust Me.

They are trying to be so au courant, aren't they?

Or maybe they're just trying to be too cool for school.


As the show continues to struggle to find its footing (er, audience), this week's episode moved into Mason's home life, which is even more entertaining than his work life.

Reason Number One: Sarah Clarke (Erin, his wife, who we got to see lots more of - yay!).

Reason Number Two: Vanessa Marano (Haley, his daughter, who I'd like to see lots more of).

There was something so very real about dad (Mason) being so desperate to prove his up-to-date-hip-young-coolness (read: au courant) to an account at work that he enlists the help of his teen daughter in a show-me-what-you're-into moment. Ne'er mind that her I-downloaded-this-new-book scenario makes dad bomb in the meeting, or that she only has three Facebook friends, daughter Haley isn't so insecure and lame to feel the need to keep up with the teen version of the Jones.'

She's actually pretty cool in her own right.

As an individual.

Her own person.

And fine with it.

So is mom.

Dad should take note.

Which he does, at the end of the ep, after going to the ends of the earth to try and secure in-like-Flynn director Spike Jonze for Conner's revamped idea of doing a web-i-sode campaign for aforementioned teen account.

Which once again shows us Conner is good for ... nothing? pie in the sky ideas? spending $4,000 to fly across the country to try and trick Spike's agent at Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to get Spike to do the gig AFTER they promised teen account it was a done deal?

(Um, yeah ... like you could really just walk into the lobby of CAA unannounced, pretend you're Spike Jonze, have the receptionist buzz your high powered don't-return-Spielberg's-calls agent who would then just automatically come down to get you no questions asked ...)

I'm going to have to agree with one of our reader's comments from last week (thanks again, John) that, thus far, we've seen no real genius on the part of Conner aside from his "What Can You Do With One Hand?" line from the pilot.

Yet, that's exactly what he's supposed to be.

A creative mastermind.

A save-the-day kind of guy.

Yet, all he seems to do is get in the way or come up with one ridiculous scheme after another to get nothing accomplished. True, he did step in and try and save Mason's bomb of a meeting with teen account, and he did ACTUALLY look like he was working once - maybe twice - on the computer during this ep. But I've got to confess I'm finding everyone else on the show more interesting to watch. And this whole yin-yang relationship that supposedly exists between Mason and Conner is actually way too much yang on the part of Conner, which makes me think we'd be better off without him.

Or a dialed down version of him that gives us more substance and less a) womanizing; b) pie-in-the-sky ideas; c) talking too fast to be understood; d) use of his iPhone.

And given what I'm coming to learn of Mason, it seems he would've ditched Conner a LONG time ago. Or, at the very least, Erin would've told him to find a new partner.

I mean even the Junior Ad Team guys going back/forth with Sarah about the posted-on-a-blog rumor that said she's gay was more interesting to me.

Got to love blogs.

Wait, was that a plug?

Trust Me airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on TNT. You can learn more about the series by visiting the Trust Me Official Web site.

1 comment:

John said...

The first sign that Haley isn't the person to be your guide for cool was that her father had to set up a Facebook account for her. The second was her major Internet use seems to be to download books.

I do like Haley and the actress playing her (who is also playing the teen daughter of the male lead on Without a Trace). Her comment on her need to have sex 3.5 times by the end of the week to be average was great.

This episode was the first time I have seen Conner do anything useful. He actually had a way of addressing getting teens to look at the client's stores (I have no idea if it was really any good, but it sounded good to my old ears). He was still a flake with the trip to LA and he wings it too much. But he came up with a lie to at least buy them more time (the tale of the fake meeting with SJ w/ new director suggestion).

The part of the story I hated was the Potter plot of being called a lesbian and her resulting worries. I hated every moment of that story. I was actually expecting the planted story to have been posted by one of the two idiots who wanted to date her in order to pressure her into going out with one of them.

Ep rating:
Mason family life: A
Ad campaign and Conner's efforts: B
Potter plot D