Tuesday, February 10, 2009

'The Closer' Gives Us A Legend

Kyra Sedgwick is 'The Closer'By LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

We interrupt our usual recap of The Closer episodes from this fourth season to just say ...


File last night's episode ("Power of Attorney") as a prime candidate to be included in the Top 5 of our PTR Best Episode countdown for 2009.

And did we mention it reminded me of the legendary Cold Case episode, "Mind Hunter"?

More on that in a minute.


We know The Closer always manages to give us compelling cases each season, with a memorable bad guy (or two). Someone who gives Brenda Leigh Johnson a run for her money, someone who really gets to her and forces her hand. It can, at times, be a rarity given she is so good closing cases.

But we crossed into legendary territory last night for the one she could NOT get.

And we were once again shown that the show is still churning out some of its best work to date - four (almost five) seasons in.

Billy Burke's portrayal of the sex offender defense attorney was just insanely-creepily-disturbingly-engrossingly good, second (or perhaps tied with) Jason O'Mara's Bill Croelick character. And given how long PTR has followed Cold Case (and how much we WISH the show was still doing what it did in that amazing second season), it's not a stretch to compare Burke to John Billingsley's portrayal of serial killer George Marks who was, essentially, Detective Lilly Rush's one true nemesis.

The one that got under the skin.

The one that made you want to scream at the screen.

The one that made you seethe in anger right alongside the squad.

The one that got away.


I will never forget watching George Marks walk right out of the interrogation room when Rush couldn't nail him for murder. And I will never forget watching BJ see attorney Strowe stroll out of her murder room a free man, unable to pin six rapes and one murder on the slime that just seemed to drip off this guy.

Both detectives - so poised, in control and on their game in always getting their suspects - reduced to powerless bystanders.

Both actresses - Kathryn Morris and Kyra Sedgwick - delivering one of their best performances.

How about when BJ looked at Strowe through the window of the interrogation room door, realizing she had been one upped into giving away her evidence only so that he could be sure they had NOTHING on him, and he could fool her into making a worthless deal with the so-called "partner" that would given them even more than less than nothing?

I felt as if I couldn't believe what I was seeing and/or hearing right alongside her.

That moment of revelation of on Kyra Sedgwick's face: genius.

Like when Morris told Billingsley's Marks: "I'll be watching you."

Or when both legendary bad guys told each detective: "It's over."


All I can say is bring on the sequel.

'Cause you know there will be one.


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John said...

This was a great episode.

And although I expect and want BJ to solve most cases, it is refreshing she ocassionally fails, even if it was due to a dim asst. DA. No one solves every problem. It just proves she is human.

I am somewhat surprised she didn't do something illegal (or at least unethical) to win. She has done it before and may yet do so with this case.

Good performances all around.

TVFan said...

This one reminded me of Cold Case's "Mind Hunter" episode as well. Except, I felt that this show took the "Mind Hunter" concept one step further. This attorney may not have been more arrogant than George (they were about the same), but he seemed to be even more brilliant. The way he tricked Brenda and co. was just incredible and really what made this one stand out for me. That ending scene with him walking out of the police station was just like watching George walk out of PPD. I had the same disgusted, frustrated, speechless feeling. And that's good television!