Tuesday, February 03, 2009

'The Closer's' Humor Remains One of a Kind

Kyra Sedgwick is 'The Closer'By LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

Ah, The Closer's humor.

Nothing quite like it.

Creator James Duff told us to expect more of it in these last set of episodes for season four.

And we got our first taste of it last night (and yet another reason why meeting people online isn't necessarily eHarmony-ish in nature).

The Case

There should be a law that says when we post our pictures on MySpace or Facebook or whatever, they have to be a SOMEWHAT realistic picture of ourselves. That, or it's avatars only. Cripes, how many times do we have to have the 65-year-old posting her high school photo?

Now, that's not as bad as the case last night, but that whole don't-look-like-my-photo thing certainly didn't do victim Phil Adams any good. He was stalked by Spiceboy 85, a.k.a. Keith Reyes, a.k.a a cross-dressing lethal Lolita who gets poor Phil to steal millions in diamonds from his OWN store, then get himself stuffed in the back of a trunk of his car.

Turns out Spiceboy made a habit of this sort of thing, having offed another guy in Arizona under similar circumstances.

Hmmm ... intent to murder, anyone?

The Interviews

BJ vs. Spiceboy.

Was he not just so remorseless and sinister that you actually wanted BJ to rip his eyeballs out?

I was completely fooled. I actually thought she might not have this case and/or this kid was actually NOT the murderer given she could not tie him to Phil's murder.

And yet, this IS Brenda Leigh Johnson we are talking about - failure to get her suspect is NOT an option.

Thankfully, Fritzy saves the day, bringing BJ the connection to the Arizona case so that she may prove intent.

Do we love Fritz or do we love Fritz?

The Departing of the Parents

Sooo, last week I thought Mom and Dad were going to be staying for a month. This week, we're back to trying to make up what's left of that cruise to Hawaii.

The wedding dress is now nicely tailored, though (thanks, Mamma).

And the odds of BJ actually getting married are just in: 8 billion to 1.


I think.

The Humor

Pick your scenario.

Mine happens to be Big Phil being squished into oblivion as the abandoned car to which he is found accidentally rolls down the street and into an electric pole BEHIND Lieutenant Flynn, who is on the phone with BJ (n a personal day) calmly trying to explain the different scenarios in which Big Phil could've been killed - all of which happen in a period of less than 30 seconds - while the entire squad runs down the hill (behind Flynn) after the runaway car.

Tony Denison's delivery made that entire sequence work like a charm.

As they say:

One beat-up old car: $2500

Stolen diamonds: $3 million

Runaway car that rolls down hill, smashes into electric pole and turns murder victim into sludge: Priceless.

For everything else, there is ... The Closer

New episodes of The Closer air Mondays at 9 p.m. on TNT. Visit The Closer official Web site for the scoop on all-things BJ and Co.

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