Monday, February 09, 2009

Morris Feels the Love Everyday

Kathryn MorrisBy LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

So a box of chocolate and a nice dinner just isn't that big of a deal for Cold Case star (and PTR Fave) Kathryn Morris come Valentine's Day.

But give her a Supercross motorcycle competition, and you're in business.

Kathryn recently spoke to syndicated Hollywood Exclusive columnists Marilyn Beck & Stacy Jenel Smith on all-things love, Valentine's Day, her very busy Hotplate production company, and a reinvigorated sense of excitement about being on Cold Case.


Hollywood Exclusive by Marilyn Beck & Stacy Jenel Smith

Morris Talks Love, Motorcycles, Producing and 'Cold Case'

"Cold Case" heroine Kathryn Morris expects to spend Valentine's Day with her guy, producer/director David Barrett, at a Supercross competition. It's a sport to which she was introduced by Barrett, who was a professional motocross racer as a teen.

However, Morris doesn't care that much how they observe Cupid's special day. The way she sees it, "When you really love someone, every day is Valentine's Day. For some couples a box of candy and dinner at a nice restaurant might do the trick, but my philosophy is that if you really care about a person, everything, big and small, adds up to a lot of love."

In their case, it also adds up to a lot of work. Barrett is not only a producer/director on her CBS series, he's a partner in her Hotplate production company that Morris describes as "my greatest adventure." She and David have had, she says, "tremendous support from CBS and Warner Bros." And, she adds, "For a company that's just a year old, well, we've made progress that some people don't make in a lifetime.

"We're partnering with Warners on four projects, including films that are in development. And there's the 'Crosshairs' series — a cross between Steve McQueen and 'Magnum P.I.' — that CBS has bought, plus 'The Fixer,' a funny hour-long dramedy, about a hired con man, we're doing for Fox. We're talking to two major names now."

Much as Morris loves the production side of the business, she says, "I'll continue to act at least for the next 30 years" — and she'd be happy if quite a few of those years continue to be dominated by "Cold Case." The show, she says, has improved now that her character "has broken out of her shackles. She was kind of on the edge last season with personal problems, but that's now past, and there's new life and excitement in the series."


Now, we do love Kathryn, but the verdict is still out for us here at PTR as to that sense of "excitement" with CC these days. Nonetheless, we are happy for her that SHE feels that way.

Cold Case airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on CBS.


Anonymous said...

Good Article, Kathryn seems to be having a lot of success with her production company. Also I do think both her and David are very cute couple.

I do agree with Kathryn about her character breaking out of her shackles, the show has improved greatly

I didn't think he was still a producer on CC..


RichE said...

Thanks LK.

I think anyone that's read anything I've written that's KM-related can pretty much fill in my comments for me :-)

I look forward to seeing her new productions and her many years of acting.

LII2 is right, I don't think David's been involved with CC since the end of season 4. Probably around the time he and Kathryn started dating. He went on to produce The Bionic Woman, and plenty of other things since.


TVFan said...

It's good to see her enthused about the show again. I was thinking that she may leave when her contract is up this season or next.