Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Girls and Their Secrets

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By Turtlemama
PTR Staff Writer

*sorry this is late! we got behind on the tivo and well...*
Our Girls came back from a Christmas break; to celebrate Christmas. Rory came back from visiting Logan in London to find Lorelei had postponed all Christmas activities until Rory was home. Rory was greeted by her mom, her dad and her little sister. Lorelei and Christopher made the same lame ‘England Driving’ joke, at different times, and the show was on its way. Lorelei had excellent lines, for once this season. The little tirade about the thoughts in her head...oh that was excellent! (I say excellent too much don't I? Excellent!)

Personally, I think this was a pretty good episode, aside from more forced conflict, but I’m coming to expect that so it doesn’t sting as much as it has in the past. Luke went to the Dragonfly Inn to ask Lorelei to write a letter of character for his court case against Ana. Lorelei agreed, obviously but, here’s the forced conflict, refrained from disclosing to Luke that she had agreed to write such a letter. Why did she refrain? Why good question, Young Grasshopper, I shall explain. Lorelei gives a blurb to Rory while they’re out Christmas shopping, that she wanted to spare Christopher anymore turmoil about Luke because Christopher had seen her holding Liz’s baby and all the issues surrounding the wedding party that Emily wanted to throw. See, it’s typical Lorelei stuff, and if Chris has really known Lorelei for 30+ years he’d understand that. But, because we, the fans, need some forced conflict, Chris doesn’t like that Lorelei didn’t want a big wedding party. Nor, did he like the fact that Lorelei held a baby from Luke’s family tree…’cause you know, holding babies ALWAYS leads to more between two people. So, Lorelei decided that telling Chris about the Luke Letter was a bad idea. And why do you think will happen next? Why, Chris is going to find the letter, think that it’s some sort of nostalgic piece that Lorelei wrote because her heart told her so and then Chris will be out the door, or very close to it…March sweeps are coming up, who knows what conflict we’ll be forced into by then. So that, Young Grasshopper, is why Lorelei didn’t tell Chris about her Luke Letter. Oh, yeah and the oogling at the mall when Luke and Rory were reminiscing over his past gifts to her…that had something to do with it, even though that was an odd scene.
We finally got to have decent scenes with Lane and Zach. But I do have to ask, just how pregnant is Lane? I mean didn’t she find out in September that she was pregnant? That makes her only 4 months along. Even with twins you’re not THAT big, I don’t care who you are. Maybe if she had a whole litter brewing in there, she’d be that big…but I’m talking 6 babies. She’s got two. Not to mention her stomach was really high in one scene then really low in the next. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve had three babies and pregnancy and childbirth are always misrepresented in Hollywood, even Stars Hollow as is the case. So, I’m probably overly-sensitive on this subject, but I still think that they should just have her chubby and not full blown, house-super-size, McBabyFactory big….I’m just saying.
All in all; I liked the episode. It made me smile and gave me back my ‘Girls’. I want to see more interaction between characters though. I’m still missing how Lorelei and Rory’s lives were followed all over Connecticut and not just in their house and in town on occasion. And really, I’m all happy that Luke has a kid and all (although I still wish that he didn’t have one, it would make life more interesting and he’d still be the tough guy with a heart of gold instead of this mature, ‘Father Knows Best’ dude that he’s turned into), but I really am sick of hearing April talk. She talks too much. I know that’s her quirk, but it’s annoying. Her voice annoys me and what they talk about is monotonous and I really couldn’t care less. As a matter of fact, during the scene at Luke’s apartment when they were talking about rocks and the rock polisher, I was thinking of my grocery list…seriously, I’m not over-exaggerating here…I was seriously thinking “Oh yeah we need toilet paper, and dryer sheets, oh and dog food.” It’s BOR-ING, folks…B-O-R-I-N-G! Ok, that point has been made…moving along….
So, I’m glad that I got a Christmas episode, even if it’s late, I liked it…it was Christmas Gilmore-style! I want to see more scenes with the other residents of Stars Hollow and with Emily and Richard. We need to get everyone back together and make this look like a state that Lorelei and Rory are a part of and not a show about Lorelei and Rory that the state plays a part in, on occasion….please? Anyone out there hear me? Anyone? Bueller?


suekola44 said...

First of all, I agree with you about seeing more of the cast. They are way under utilizing Emily and Richard and that is just unacceptable!
The point about Lane's pregnancy- Lane and Zach got married last season which would have made it May. She got pregnant on the honeymoon. Therefore that would make her 8 months at this point.
I agree with you 100% about April. I find her nothing but annoying! She talks too much and also way too fast. It's time to send her off to New Mexico. I'm wanting Gigi out of the picture as well. Maybe she'll go when Chris goes. And we all know he's going eventually. Next week's previews reveal the beginning of the end I think.

TVFan said...

I couldn't agree more about Richard and Emily! Why are they always MIA?? I love them, and miss them dearly.

I was confused about the pregnancy thing, too. Thanks to Suekola44 for clearing that up. I think it just looked so ridiculous because 1) it looked fake and 2) we NEVER see Lane, so the last time we did, she wasn't even close to being that big.

The Christopher stuff really drives me crazy b/c I liked him before this stupid marriage thing. Now, the show has brought in all of this forced conflict, and I'm growing to dislike him. The letter wasn't a big deal until Lorelai decided to hide it. Now, it seems suspicious, and we all know that Chris is not going to be happy when he finds it.