Sunday, January 28, 2007

U2 on the 'Case'

I was hoping that tonight's episode of Cold Case would be a season stand-out. And yes, I realize that I was asking a lot considering that this season has been phenomenal, but I just felt like we were due for an episode that blows you away (which seems to be coming every few weeks this season). Cold Case did not disappoint! What an excellent hour of television! And, it was all set to the soundtrack of the uber-fabulous U2. The case was well done, surprising and emotional. I like the way that both teens highlighted the good and bad in all of us. In the end, I was equally upset about both of their murders and it made me a little sick to think that both of them were trying to make their lives better when they were abruptly cut short. In seasons past, whenever this series presented us with an episode that focused on a character other than Lilly that meant little to no Lilly involvement. This season, however, seems to be the opposite and the same was true tonight. I loved the way she and Kat worked together and her interrogation with Madison's mom was awesome! It must have been hard for her to not lay into this mother knowing that her own mother did the same thing only with alcohol (whether it was after or before her father left remains to be revealed). What a beautiful contrast to last season's "Saving Patrick Bubley" when she jumped all over the Bubley boys' drug-addicted mother before hearing her story. It's a perfect example of how this show uses character development to its advantage. Lilly was very troubled by her reaction during the Bubley case, so it was clear that she was trying to keep her emotions in check tonight. As usual, Kathryn Morris was excellent. She conveyed through her subtle facial expressions the anger and disgust that Lilly was feeling while also trying to hold her back. She also gets the prize for the best scene of the night with Lilly's perfect look in reaction to stockbroker/murderer Gibby's wink during their interview. It was priceless! Tracie Thoms turned in a solid performance for her first Kat-heavy episode. This show is blessed with a very talented cast.

They say that all good things must come to an end, and such was the case with Vera's cute relationship with Toni. I suppose the writing was on the wall with his crazy hours. As Scotty said to Lilly in that infamous hotel hallway in Nashville -- the good cops are all lone wolves. It's too bad that Vera got so close to both Toni and Andre because it's only making things harder for him now. He and Lilly should really talk! If she had a dime for every time a guy broke up with her the way that Toni broke up with Vera, she'd be rich. Which begs the question, how come no one ever leans on Lil? Is it because she's so guarded about her personal life that they feel uncomfortable opening up to her? I'm sure that she has great advice considering all of the crap that she has been through. Oh well, their loss. One thing's for sure -- don't lean on Vera, especially if you're female. He'll chalk up your moodiness to "that female cycle thing." It's scenes like that one early on tonight that provide the icing on this cake of an episode. Cold Case moves to 12-2 on the season.

In CC-related news, today (January 28th) is star Kathryn Morris' birthday.
Happy Birthday Kathryn!!

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LongIslandItalian2 said...

I loved this episode,Kathryn had just amazing expressions like you said at the first on the street with the boys, totally priceless.

Do you think the character" Champ" is an possible reference the Kathryn's upcoming movie??

As always I love your reviews, this site rocks big tim

TVFan said...

Thanks LII! :-) I think it's just a coincidence. There's a famous NFL player who went to my college named Champ (Champ Bailey - plays for the Denver Broncos).

Anonymous said...

I almost can't praise this season enough. This episode came close to perfection as far as character development goes--not only main characters (Rush was awesome, and so were Kat and Vera) but "episode" characters as well. The case was a little flawed IMO, some things weren't explained so well, but it didn't matter because both kids' stories were so poignant. It killed me too that they died just as they were seeing light at the end of the tunnel :(.

As far as Vera goes, I'm pretty sure you've said everything. How could anyone NOT want him? I swear even I was in love with him when he was out there talking to Toni, telling her to give him a shot. :( Maybe next time, Nicky.

Just as you said on LA, loved the team feel of this one. They're all bonding together and it looks great. Kat and Vera, Kat and Lilly... I was thoroughly satisfied.