Wednesday, January 31, 2007

No Easy Truths on 'Mars'

Last week's episode of Veronica Mars reminded me why I missed this show so much during its first break of the season, and last night's reminded me of why this is one of the best shows to ever grace my television set. What seemed like a simple case of boy meets girl, loses girl and then wants Veronica to track her down, quickly turned into a very complicated, sordid tale. First we find out that this girl is a hooker (rather, escort), and Max's friends paid her to sleep with their friend so that he would no longer be a virgin. Then the biggest surprise of all, she still has feelings for him (and her name is apparently Wendy). It all seems a little too good to be true, and Veronica discovers that it may be when she finds purple makeup on a napkin that Wendy's friend (and fellow escort) used to put ice over her "wounds." Suddenly, it appears that Max has been played for $1000, but no worries because Veronica has a plan to get it back -- she blackmails one of Wendy's clients (a high-profile judge). Too bad the plan backfires, and Veronica and Max wind up meeting Wendy's pimp in the form of another Cold Case connection (the same actress played the one victim who slipped through serial killer George Marks' fingers the first time around. He killed her during the second season finale and told Lilly that "even Atalantia lost her charm," referring to the bedtime story that she drew on the first time to give her strength). Anyway, now Max is out $11,000 ($1,000 the first time and $10,000 to buy Wendy out of her contract), but he does have the girl. Too bad that her sordid past is too much for both of them to overcome.

Speaking of overcoming, it seems that Veronica was pretty willing to overlook any of Logan's past indiscretions. She wanted to know if he had been with a hooker and was relieved to find out that he hadn't (although, she would have dealt with it if he had). She was even OK with his fooling around while they were broken up. I was expecting fireworks and declarations of "WE WERE ON A BREAK!!" But, Veronica shrugged it off and we were spared another round of Ross/Rachel. There is, however, one unforgivable skeleton in Logan's closet and unfortunately for him, lingerie shops aren't as secretive as some of their names may suggest, especially when Madison Sinclair is shopping in one. Logan, Logan, Logan -- WTH were you thinking?? Madison Sinclair??!! And this comes just when I was beginning to think that these two crazy kids could work things out and be together sooner rather than later. I think we all need to fasten our seatbelts because next week's confrontation is going to be a bumpy ride (oh, and I'm not falling for those "I'm pregnant" promos for a single second).

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suekola44 said...

I'm having a senior moment. I have no idea who Madison Sinclair is. I was puzzled about her throughout the entire episode, hoping it would come to me.I guess my senior moment has turned into a senior permament. Pleas e refresh my memory tvfan.

Nikki Stafford said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I loved the episode -- the best part for me was the banter between Veronica and Max at the beginning with all the Battlestar Galactica references in it. I was howling with laughter.
suekola44: I did the same thing as you when Madison first walked in: 'Who the heck are YOU?' but when we saw her the second time, I remembered her in high school. She's from season 1.