Monday, January 22, 2007

Morris on the 'Case' at Sundance

(Resurrecting the Champ's Kathryn Morris poses for the portrait session of the 2007 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah)

We here at PTR consider ourselves a television blog, meaning that we don't cover the world of film too often, EXCEPT when a PTR fave has one coming out (witness last summer's extensive coverage of Kristen Bell's Pulse and Zach Braff's The Last Kiss). Well dear readers, the time has come again to interrupt your usual TV programming with a film-related post. Instead of thoughts on Cold Case (which had the night off thanks to the NFL), I have its star Kathryn Morris who spent the weekend at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival where her film Resurrecting the Champ premiered. The movie, which also stars Josh Hartnett, Alan Alda, Samuel L. Jackson and Teri Hatcher, follows a reporter as he works to uncover the true identity of a homeless man he believes to be a former boxing champ. Morris plays Hartnett's wife. Of course, PTR has full coverage of her big weekend in snowy Utah (click any of the photos to see them larger). Cold Case (and PTR's coverage of it) will return next week with an all-new episode.

THE PREMIERE (Saturday, Jan. 20th)
The cast poses with director Rod Lurie (second from right)

Morris and Hartnett arrive for the premiere. Morris talks with reporters

THE SWAG (Promotional Items) - Friday, January 19th & Sunday, January 21st
Morris at Northface House and The Ice Lounge

At Village at the Lift and at Gibson Guitar and ET Hospitality Lounge

PORTRAITS (Saturday, Jan. 20th)

Special thanks to RichE at Look Again and mwahokie at Superior Pics for these high-quality portrait photos.

AROUND SUNDANCE (Sunday, Jan. 21st)

(Kathryn Morris, Josh Hartnett and Teri Hatcher pose for pictures January 21st)

For more photos from this weekend at Sundance, check out Getty Images, WireImage, Bruno Press and Yahoo! Photos. Resurrecting the Champ will hit theaters later this year.

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Longislanditalian2 said...

Got to hand it to you TvFan, about the great coverage of Kathryn at Sundance.

TVFan said...

I couldn't have done it without you rounding the photos up for me! :-)

LillyKat said...

Great KM-centric post, TVFan. :)

suekola44 said...

Great photos TVFan!! I really enjoyed them. Kathryn Morrris looked gorgeous!