Sunday, January 07, 2007

Welcome Back Housewives!

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By Turtlemama

PTR Staff Writer

“Bree Hodge?”

“I’m Alma Hodge, I believe we have someone in common.”

*Bree faints*

This, is how you start back a season of ‘Housewives’.

Only problem…the momentum died. We cut to Kayla arriving at Tom and Lynnette’s and she’s solemn and maybe even a bit snarky. Which leads me to a few questions;

Didn’t Kayla stay with Tom and Lynnette all the time? So, what’s up with the apprehension from the boys? Shouldn’t they be used to her already? Kayla doesn’t know the rules of the house? She spent weekends with the Scavos, the girl knows their house rules. The whole storyline is forced and unbelievable. Where did our original ‘Housewives’ go?

Next we see Gabby on a date, a picnic in her front lawn. She gets a call from Carlos who wants to interrupt her date. We’re lead to believe that Carlos wants Gabby back, only to learn later (through no noteworthy storyline) that it’s a secret admirer.

Alma shows up at Bree’s house and Bree has a dinner party to show her friends that Orson’s wife is still alive, so he couldn’t be a murderer. Problem, Susan has already reported that Orson and Monique had an affair. The cops show up at the dinner party to question Orson and Bree finds out that Susan called the detective. Bree orders Susan to leave and Susan lets it slip that she saw Mike. This leads to Ian becoming angry and jealous. Is anyone surprised? I think I called it early on that Susan would screw up her relationship with Ian by obsessing over Mike.

Honestly, this episode was a snore. I really was hoping that the ‘Housewives’ would kick it up a notch and give us some interesting storylines, but I’m sad to report…it’s all going downhill. Who cares anymore? The conflict is forced, the resolutions are too fast and, like the conflict, forced. I just don’t get as giddy as I once did when I see ‘Desperate Housewives’ on the TiVo. Maybe it’ll get better, but I keep saying that and well…I’m still snoring.


TVFan said...

"Forced" is a very good way of describing this show lately -- as in I have to force myself to watch it. The Gaby story line and the Bree one are my faves. That dinner party scene made the episode IMO -- although, DH is not what it once was. Too bad.

suekola44 said...

I tend to agree with your assessment of this week's DH. It really was kind of a snore.