Friday, January 19, 2007

'Scrubs' is Music to the Ears

Is is wrong that I've spent the day singing about "Guy Love?" Because those damn lyrics are so catchy that they're not leaving my head anytime soon! And you know what? I don't want them to because last night's musical episode was so fan-frakkin-tastic that I want to own the soundtrack to it! What else is there to say for a show that turns a song about poo into a full-fledged Broadway production? Scrubs' foray into the world of musicals was single-handedly the most clever half-hour of television ever created. Everything from the aforementioned "poo song" (especially the lyric about the answer to the patient's problem not being in her heart, but in her butt) to Dr. Cox's song about why JD drives him crazy (LOVED Janitor's spotlighted solo!) to "Guy Love," Turk and Carla's tango and JD wanting to know which of them was the best singer in the patient's head was done so brilliantly that I forgot that I wasn't watching a real musical. It's no coincidence that the episode played out like a show on New York's famous theater street. The people behind Broadway's Avenue Q were also behind last night's stellar hour. These guys made the episode feel real, and not like a show that was trying to do a musical episode. After watching this, I can imagine a Scrubs: The Musical opening on Broadway in summer '08! I'd go see it. I can't imagine all of the time that went into the rehearsals, writing and coaching, so PTR is sending out a great big, HUGE heart-felt thank you to the entire cast and crew who made it happen.

Last night's episode didn't really lend itself to The Scrubies, so PTR won't be holding them this week. Because if I did do an edition of The Scrubies, I'd have to write out all of the lyrics to every song last night. And while that may be amusing, it would be far too time consuming. So, let's just assume that the entire episode gets one big Scrubie for writing the Best. Fikkin'. Episode. EVER!!! If you missed last night's incredible outing (or just want to have it forever and ever like me -- so what if I'm already collecting the seasons on DVD), head to iTunes to get it for $1.99.

What did you think about Scrubs' musical episode? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

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suekola44 said...

Scrubs the Musical really delivered last night!! I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about this musical episode. But is was totally awesome!!!!

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