Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The 'Heroes' are Back!

I'm beginning to think that those crazy recap shows that ABC airs (that wind up on my TiVo because the bleepin' network categorizes them as "new") aren't so crazy after all. I never watch them, but end up complaining about how I can't remember what happened before the frickin' "Fall Finale." So in conclusion, I shouldn't erase them off my TiVo without watching them and NBC should have done one for Heroes (I know they didn't because it didn't wind up on my TiVo). For some reason, I thought that Sylar had died along with Not-Eden, and I couldn't flippin' remember a lot of smaller details from when we last left off. I felt like The Haitian had come and wiped my memory like Claire's friend Zach. The show did provide a little bit of background, so I began remembering once things got rolling. This show is weird for me -- it starts out a little slow each week, but quickly sucks you in. Halfway through, I'm swearing that it's the best show on television. Then it ends on an exciting note and leaves you hanging for more, but I walk away realizing that it's awesome, but not as good as some of my other faves. Last night, I was sucked in the moment we saw the mysterious "f" symbol on the samurai sword! How frickin' awesome was that??!!

I used to brush off the whole Linderman thing, but it seems like many of the heroes are connected to him. I'm not buying the "he loves to collect artifacts" argument. Last night also introduced the new theme for this half of the season -- "Are you on the list?" Mohinder has the list, and HRG (Claire's father) wants to team up. We know that HRG is not a paper salesman, but I still can't figure out why he has so much power and why he knows so much about the heroes. We found out that the vision of Peter exploding human-bomb style has something to do with him taking on nuclear boy's ability (which he seemed to be honing in the Nevada desert -- where Peter is headed). Finally, how awesome was the new hero??!! He can make himself invisible! Why did I not see this one coming??

If you missed tonight's episode, you can watch it for free at nbc.com. All of the photos in this edition are courtesy of nbc.com.

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suekola44 said...

I'm a little sketchy on Nicki's storyline since I haven't watched from the beginning.I don't know what that was all about with her husband and the money he gave to some guy. I'm going to need an explanation. Thanks!

TVFan said...

I'm a little sketchy on it as well. As far as I remember, "Jessica" knew about that money and tried to take. DL caught her trying to steal it from him, and he used his power to disarm her. He took the money and ran with Micah. Niki/Jessica went after him and that led to her turning herself in. I think DL owed the money to Linderman, but I'm not 100% sure.

suekola44 said...