Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday's News & Notes

*PTR writer Trublu brings us news about NBC's Law & Order: SVU:
Do you like the Beach?
Well, if you liked Adam Beach (Chester Lake) in SVU's
January 17th episode "Outsiders," you're in luck. It
looks like he's going to become a series regular!

According to,
Beach is in negotiations with NBC brass hammering out
a deal to return sometime this season.
*NBC's Heroes will live to save another day. The network already picked up its new hit for another season, guaranteeing that the show will return for its sophomore year next fall. [Source]

*Kyra Sedgwick will be spending more time with her popular Brenda Leigh Johnson character on TNT's hit drama The Closer. The actress signed a contract extention that keeps in the role for seven seasons, and makes her a producer of the crime drama. [Source]

*Fans of ABC's cancelled Daybreak can log on to to view the entire 13-episode series beginning January 29th. [Source]

*And finally, it's Nielsen Thursday! Here's a look at last week' Top 10 courtesy of USA Today.
1. BCS Championship (28.8 million viewers)
2. NFL (27.4)
3. Grey's Anatomy (23.0)
4. House (17.8)
5. 60 Minutes (17.5)
6. Desperate Housewives (16.8)
7. CSI: Miami (16.0)
8. 24 (15.8)
9. Two and a Half Men (14.8)
10. Cold Case (14.5)

Other PTR Faves in the Top 20: Law & Order: SVU (#11), Without a Trace (#14)

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~Primetime Pass~
A look at what PTR is watching tonight

Scrubs (9 p.m. NBC) - "My Musical." Sacred Heart is turned into a full scale Broadway stage when Patti (Stephanie D'Abruzzo) checks in complaining of hearing incessant music. While trying to determine the cause of this strange complaint the residents of Sacred Heart star in their own musical. Carla (Judy Reyes) and Turk (Donald Faison) tango over her decision to be a stay at home mom or to return to work, while Elliot struggles with telling J.D. (Zach Braff) that she doesn't want to be roommates with him anymore -- both girls hope that the boy's "Guy Love" will help them through the rough patch. To get a sneak peek at the episode, check out exclusive videos on iTunes (FREE).

My Name is Earl (NBC 8 p.m.) - "Kept a Guy Locked in Truck." Earl (Jason Lee) hits a snag when trying to cross someone off his list when the guy he once locked in a truck turns up dead. In true Earl fashion, Earl does anything he can to make things right - even if that means throwing a funeral for someone he doesn't even know. The funeral that features all the regulars at the Crab Shack and some strippers is anything but traditional. Meanwhile, to make their marriage seem more authentic, Randy (Ethan Suplee) and Catalina (Nadine Velazquez) look for an apartment together.

CSI (CBS 9 p.m.) - "Sweet Jane." Catherine and the rest of the CSI team find it challenging to get a good read on their new member as he joins them in tracking a recently active serial killer who has been killing since the 1970s. Tony Award Winner Liev Schreiber ("Glengarry Glen Ross," "The Manchurian Candidate") joins the cast in a recurring role, marking his first appearance in a broadcast television series. Academy Award Nominee, Emmy Award Nominee and Golden Globe Award Nominee Ned Beatty ("Network," "Homicide: Life on the Street," "Superman") guest stars.

Men in Trees (10 p.m. ABC) - "History Lessons." Marin, who is suffering from writers block and getting over Jack, volunteers to help at Elmo's fundraising rummage sale. Her publisher, Stuart (Jason O'Mara), makes an unexpected visit to help critique her book's second chapter. Meanwhile, Jack tries to pick up where he left off with former girlfriend Lynn (Justine Bateman), Sara comes back to town and is surprised to see Ben and Theresa back together.

About Last Night...
BIGGEST RATINGS WINNERS: American Idol, Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, Medium

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