Thursday, September 14, 2006

'Bones' Fosters Some Resentment! Plus 'Justice,' Pictures From 'Mars' Premiere and a PTR Fave Heads Back to the Big Screen

It's official -- I watch too many crime shows. I've come to this conclusion recently after noticing that I have been solving cases way too early. Lately, I tend to know what happened before the TV crime fighters, so I've decided that I watch too many of them, and therefore, have seen it all before. In last night's episode of Bones, I figured out who was responsible for the teen's death before Bones and Booth. For those who have not seen this episode, be aware that this post contains SPOILERS about the case AND personal stuff. Now, I'm not Bones and I'm not a product of the foster system, but I, too, thought Camille's assumption that the foster girl was responsible for the suburban teen's death was harsh. She was hell-bent on proving it too. Although, I think that she wouldn't have been as harsh had Bones not argued with her so much, but then again, Bones is a product of the foster system, so she felt like Camille was personally attacking her. Of course, had Bones just mentioned this fact to Camille, she would have backed down much sooner than she did. These two really need to talk, so I appreciated the ending scene at the diner. I'm hoping things go more smoothly now that they're beginning to understand each other. Regarding the case, I knew the second that the girl confessed that she was covering for her brother. And even though the teen's death was the result of foster kids (as Camille insisted), it wasn't because they were some sort of "bad seeds." The little brother just wanted to keep his family together. This was one of those tragic cases all around. And how about Angela and Hodgins? Looks like there's going to be a little lovin' in the lab!

'Justice' Follows the Money
Last night's episode of Justice was not as compelling as the previous two. Maybe it was the change of venue or the unsympathetic defendant that caused the show to stall slightly, but something was missing from this show's usual successful formula. As soon as Alden's defense witness proved that the suspect's hands were not the right size, I was voting Not Guilty. I just wasn't sure who killed the bride-to-be and why. Ron's assertion that the groom's father did it because she wouldn't sign the pre-nup seemed so far-fetched as the other lawyers said, but it turned out to be the truth. The moment I saw Jeff Nordling's name in the guest cast I went ahead and assumed he had something to do with the murder, as implausible as it seemed, because the guy always plays the bad guy (Cold Case, The Closer, Close to Home, just to name a few). Yay for typecasting! I was shocked, shocked I tell you, when he didn't. As usual, the show's most interesting and gripping segment came at the end when they showed us what happened. I must be the biggest sucker because this gimmick alone keeps me coming back. It's just too compelling and I still can't figure out why!

Pictures From 'Mars'
The new season of Veronica Mars is less than three weeks away, and PTR has some exciting, just released pictures from the 3rd season premiere courtesy of The CW.
Veronica (Kristen Bell) takes the stage in "Welcome Wagon." (Photo Patrick Ecclesine/The CW)

Mac's back! Actress Tina Majorino joins the show as a series regular this season. (Photo courtesy The CW)

Veronica Mars returns October 3rd on the new CW network.

Premiering Tonight!!!
Survivor kicks off its 13th season tonight (8 p.m. CBS) with a storm of controversy. The reality competition will divide the 12 contestants into groups based on their race. The show's creator, Mark Burnett, told Yahoo! Answers that the decision was more of an experiment than anything else. "Our rationale for dividing Survivor tribes by ethnicity was based upon our belief that racial differences were highly unlikely to matter when the modern world was removed," he explains. Will the experiment prove to be as controversial as the idea? Tune in tonight to find out.


*PTR favorite Kyra Sedgwick is heading back to the big screen with her new role. The Closer actress will star opposite Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Walt Disney Picture's The Game Plan. The film, about a football player (Johnson) who discovers he has a daughter and tries to be a good father to her, is slated to begin filming at the end of the month. Sedgwick will play a ruthless sports agent to Johnson's football player in the family drama. She most recently wrapped another successful season of TNT's The Closer and will be seen in new episodes this December.

*And finally, the networks are embracing the digital revolution in a huge way for this upcoming season. NBC will offer free streaming video of all of its new series on its web site (click HERE for the details). Additionally, the network will roll out live premiere blogs on all of its series featuring commentary from creators, producers or cast members from each show. Meanwhile, ABC will offer 1 million free episode downloads from iTunes of last season's Lost, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy finales (click HERE for more). It's all apart of ABC and iTunes Million Hit Lowdown promotion which is designed to catch viewers up on their favorite shows before the new season premieres. To get the free downloads, visit starting today and click the "Million Hit Lowdown" link, which will redirect you to the iTunes store where you will be able to download one of the finales for free. And finally, CBS is streaming several season premieres on Google Video beginning today. You can check out new shows Smith and The Class along with returning comedy The New Adventures of Old Christine for free now (click HERE for more).

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That's all for today. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a preview of the new season of CBS' The Amazing Race. I've seen it, and I'll let you know why you should too. Plus, Friday Fun featuring a PTR favorite who's headed to the big screen this weekend and all the latest TV news!

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suekola44 said...

Enjoyed the VM pics. Thanks for the heads up on Survivor. The show I swore I was not going to watch this season. But i just can't help myself. I've got to see the big racial divide!

Liz said...

Yes! I totally thought I had mad case-solving skills this week on House, but then I realized that I had seen a CSI episode a couple years ago with the very same rare disease twist. TV can only be so original, I guess...