Thursday, September 28, 2006

Makeover Madness on 'Top Model'

I completely neglected America's Next Top Model last week because it got lost in my premiere week shuffle, but never fear, because PTR's coverage is back! Two episodes in, and we already have house fights, hated contestants, makeover drama and another eliminated contestant. Megan (left) got lost in that crazy "Hair Wars" shoot and it cost her a chance to become "America's Next Top Model." That shoot was wild, but a lot of the girls took beautiful photographs. Anchal's was absolutely stunning! The CoverGirl challenge was so difficult, and I was completely shocked at how well some of those girls were able to do with so little time and under such tremendous pressure. Monique is this season's Jade. I think she might be worse, though, because she's deliberately trying to make the other girls mad. I started clapping when Anchal walked into the phone room and hung up the phone after Monique had spent 3 hours on it. I don't know what would be more aggravating -- the fact that she occupied the one phone in the house for over 3 hours or that she enjoyed doing it so much. It's a toss up. Let's just hope that Monique doesn't hang on as long as Jade did last season.

This week's Top Model Photo of the Week goes to...

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