Wednesday, September 20, 2006

'Vanished' Feeds Our Curiousity

Vanished may not be the best new show this season, but you have to give it credit for constantly presenting new twists and turns and keeping us glued to our television sets. I feel like I wouldn't be upset if this show didn't make it (and based on its ratings the other night, this may be the case), but as long as it's on, I'll be watching. Things got more complicated this week when we learned that the person who led the FBI to the empty coffin at the bottom of the reservoir may not be the same person behind Sara's disappearance. Furthermore, that coffin held the body of Amanda McNeal who died 10 years ago after her mayor husband voted to flood a Masonic cemetery with that new reservoir. And how's this for irony -- his vote literally killed his wife. She was trapped in the coffin with air holes. The second the cemetery flooded, she drowned! Here's a rundown of the other things we learned this week:

-Sara was definitely Nicki years ago. Peter's interview with Judy Nash jogged some memories in the Senator that confirmed this fact. Of course, the scar didn't hurt either.

-"Quinn" is involved in the disappearance and probably framed Ben. She had a streaming video feed of the Senator's wife on her computer. When the FBI had her transported to the courthouse for arraignment, she sent a cryptic message to her co-conspirators to "Pull the plug" on the feed. The message worked, and the FBI wasn't able to triangulate the signal.

Show of virtual hands -- who doesn't trust the ex-wife (Penelope Ann Miller)? No way she wants to move into the Senator's house so she can take care of the kids. Nope. Not buying it for a second. I really think that she's involved somehow, and the fact that she knows about the fake heart attack, not good. And then there was the ending bit with someone digging a grave, but if you watched the preview for next week, then you know that scene probably has more to do with burying the Nicki story than harming Sara. As usual, we'll have to tune in to know for sure.

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