Friday, September 15, 2006

This Edition of 'Race' is Truly 'Amazing!' Plus Braff's 'Last Kiss' & CBS Will 'Hook' You Up

The Amazing Race kicks off its 10th season this Sunday on CBS with a special 90-minute premiere. But, don't expect this edition to be your parents' Race. Host Phil Keoghan tells the racers right off the top to expect the unexpected with plenty of surprises, and after viewing the premiere, I can safely tell you that he is correct. The premiere is packed with twists and turns, heart-pounding suspense, teary-eyed moments and all of the other Race staples plus, a few extras. But, what makes this edition of The Amazing Race an absolute "must see" is the teams. The teams are always the heart and soul of this show and watching how their pre-Race relationships hold up to the stress and rigor of the grueling 30-day event. After all, there's a reason this 4-time Emmy Award winning series is the only reality competition to take the trophy in the history if the category. But, there is an extra something special about this edition's crop of teams. There's a woman with an artificial leg training for the Iron Man Triathlon who just began dating her good friend and clinical prothetist, two beauty queens who became friends during The Miss America pageant, two friends and former drug addicts - turned - models, a father and daughter who have had a strained relationship in the past and are hoping to use the Race to grow closer, and a coalminer and his wife from Kentucky whose perseverance and friendly spirit sort of grow on you as the premiere progresses. One of Race's biggest charms is watching these teams conquer obstacles that seem insurmountable at the time, and the accomplishment of a lifetime after they do it. Pay special attention to an arduous challenge at The Great Wall of China. I was so enthralled, I'm pretty sure I forgot to breathe.

For the first time, The Amazing Race starts off with 12 teams. Here's a look at each of them in no particular order (all pictures courtesy

Vipul & Arti
Husband and wife from Windermere, Florida

Erwin & Godwin
Brothers from San Francisco

Tom & Terry
Boyfriends from New York

Kellie & Jamie
Cheerleaders from Columbia, SC

Lyn & Karlyn
Single moms/friends from Birmingham and Helena, AL

David & Mary
Coalminer and wife from Stone, KY

Bilal & Sa'eed
Best Friends

Peter & Sarah
Recenting dating couple from Laguna Beach and Trabuco Canyon, CA

Rob & Kimberly
Dating couple from Los Angeles

Tyler & James
Models from Los Angeles

Dustin & Kandice
Beauty queens from Riverside, CA and New York

Duke & Lauren
Father/daughter from Warwick, RI

The Amazing Race premieres on its new night at a special time this Sunday at 8:30 p.m. on CBS (may be delayed due to football). The series will move to its regular timeslot the following Sunday at 8 p.m.

FRIDAY FUN: Braff Shows us his 'Last Kiss'
Scrubs' Zach Braff is heading to the big screen this weekend with his new film The Last Kiss. The relationship drama also stars Rachel Bilson, Jacinda Barrett, Blythe Danner and Casey Affleck. Braff plays Michael, a guy entering his thirties who is struggling with the idea of settling down. Braff says on his official site that the picture moved him when he first read it. "The Last Kiss is a very real, honest, gritty story about relationships, lust, love, betrayal, friendship and making choices," he writes. Check out the trailer and a series of clips from YouTube:

The Last Kiss is now playing in theaters nationwide. Click HERE to find out when it plays near you.


*And finally, CBS' INNERTUBE wants to Hook you up. The broadband channel will debut a new dating reality series next month. The show, dubbed Hook Me Up, will follow 4 contestants (right - photo courtesy CBS) as they go on dates with four new people each week. After the four dates, the viewers will vote for which suitors they believe should be invited back for a second date. You can apply to date one of the contestants via CBS' web site. The 5-minute episodes will debut every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on INNERTUBE. The contestants are:

Age: 23
Graduate Student and Legal Secretary

Age: 25
Fashion Sales and former TV Host

Los Angeles
Age: 24
Restaurant Owner

Age: 25
Private Investment Firm employee

Each of their suitors will reveal a secret at the end of the date. Hook Me Up premieres October 2nd exclusively on INNERTUBE.

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suekola44 said...

I'm really excited about the Amazing Race premiere. Some of the teams sound quite interesting.
After watching the Last Kiss previews, I really want to see it! Kaitlin saw it tonite and said she needs to go on antidepresssants now. She loved it but found it a little unsettling.
Looking forward to the new PTR format.