Friday, September 08, 2006

You'll Want to Tune in for this 'Shark' Tale! Plus Friday Fun and Football Rules Thursday Night

When I read the news that James Woods was jumping from film to television, the first thing that popped into my mind was, "This must be one hell of a show!" So, needless to say, expectations are high for CBS' new legal drama Shark. Thanks to the wonderful folks at the network, I was able to get an advanced copy of this new show (along with all of CBS' new shows, so stay tuned for reviews on those as well). Shark, I'm happy to report, does not disappoint. Woods stars as Sebastian Stark, a high powered defense attorney who switches sides after an unfortunate incident involving a client, and he's excellent in the role. He's obnoxious and cocky, but he makes you love the character despite all of his obvious flaws. The best scenes are the ones that he shares with his teenage daughter Julie (the wonderful Danielle Panabaker) as they reveal Stark's more vulnerable side. In the courtroom, he's the equivalent of a shark (hence the nickname) -- goes for the gut and never lets go -- but at home he's just a father trying to figure out how to relate to his daughter. He heads a group of young prosecutors who have neither the experience nor the enthusiasm to win their cases. Stark works to bring both by teaching them how the defense team gets its successful record. Call it "Lawyer Boot Camp" where no one gets through unscathed. Shark is the second legal drama of the new season, but don't expect it to be too much like Fox's entry. Where Justice is slick and fast-paced with a catchy hook at the end, Shark is more subdued and character-heavy with fatherhood and family serving as its only hook. Unless of course, you count Stark's impressive home mock courtroom, which you'll have to tune in to fully appreciate.

THE 411
PREMISE: A high-powered defense attorney switches sides and heads a group of young prosecutors
STARRING: James Woods, Danielle Panabaker, Jeri Ryan
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Brian Grazer, David Nevins, Ian Biederman
EXTRA BONUS: A complicated and touching father/daughter relationship
BOTTOM LINE: As I've said before, I'm not one for legal dramas. But, this show has a little bit of everything for everyone. GRADE: A-
PREMIERES: Thursday, September 21st at 10 p.m. (EST) on CBS (after CSI). For more information, visit

Who's that TV Star? Welcome to the newest addition to Friday Fun. PTR will show you a modified picture of one of your favorite TV stars, and you guys can guess his/her identity. Here's this week's TV star:

Do you know who that is? Leave me a comment with your guesses and I'll reveal the star's identity on Monday.


*And finally, it seems that many of you are definitely ready for some football! NBC's NFL Kickoff Special, featuring defending Super Bowl champs the Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Miami Dolphins, garnered the highest ratings ever for an NFL kickoff game. More than 19 million people tuned in to watch the Steelers beat the Dolphins 28-17 last night. NBC will next air the NFL in primetime this Sunday when the Manning brothers go head-to-head with the Colts taking on the Giants.

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That's all for today. Be sure to tune in Monday for the final Veronica Mars Flashback Edition of the summer! PTR has saved the most thrilling for last with season one's adrenaline-packed season finale! Plus, the answer to this week's mystery TV star and all the latest television news!

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miyagimayday said...

Wentworth Miller :)

suekola44 said...

Looks like Wentworth Miller. By the way, did you happen to read Rochelle Thomas's Is It Just Me? last week? She was talking about the huge crowds on the streets of a supposed small town. The boys on the run were trying to blend in. It looked like NYC!! Dad picked right up on it so I got a kick when I saw her little blurb on it.
I decided I'm going to give Shark a try. I taped ER last season so I might as well tape it this one.

adafairy said...

Wentworth Miller