Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Traces of Sara's Past 'Vanished!' Plus Big Premieres Tonight and 'Simpsons' Does '24'

Last night's episode of Vanished seemed to provide a lot of answers, but we can't be too sure that all of those answers were the truth. We finally know why Marcy and Sara aren't speaking and whose pregnancy test they found in the bathroom. I had a feeling it was Marcy's, but I had forgotten about it, so her revelation did surprise me. I was also surprised by how relaxed the Senator seemed to be about it. His 18-year old daughter is pregnant with her possibly murderous boyfriend's child, and the only thing that he seems concerned about is whether it was her pregnancy test in the trash. I guess with his missing wife and suddenly reappearing ex-wife, there's little room to worry about anything else. Based on the information the show gave us last night, here's a rundown of what appears to be going on with Sara's disappearance. The secret society that uses the "V" shape (that reminds me of The DaVinci Code) and the strange looking "9" (which the FBI discovered is really an upside down "G") is apparently the Freemasons. The organization, according to Wikipedia, is "a fraternal organization whose membership is held together by shared moral and metaphysical ideals and—in most of its branches—by a constitutional declaration of belief in a Supreme Being." Their symbol (see right) contains a ruler that makes the "V" and a "G" in the center. According to Wikipedia, the modern society is less of a "secret society" and more of a "society with secrets." Their meetings are open only to members and most members regard the secrecy as "their ability to keep a promise." OK, so far, this is sounding exactly like what we have seen on Vanished. When the Senator was in the elevator, he saw the "V" and the "9/G" on the screen. The voice over the phone told him that his secrecy would be his test on whether he could keep a promise. But why would the Freemasons kidnap the Senator's wife and the Mayor of Atlanta's wife ten years earlier?

Apparently, that answer lies in what the Mayor told Agent Kelton right before he shot himself. He said that "they" get to you through the woman you love. The mayor's wife was kidnapped over a reservoir. The city of Atlanta wanted to flood a valley and build one back in 1996. The valley they chose was a Freemason cemetery and the deciding vote rested with the Mayor. The society took his wife and demanded that he vote against the reservoir. The Mayor voted for it, and his wife was killed in the very body of water he made possible. Now, the society has Sara Collins and a request for the Senator: "Confirm the 9th." The Senator believes that he is supposed to confirm a nomination for the Supreme Court, something that I dismissed at first. But, when they flashed back to Sara's disappearance, it made sense. The nominee distracted the Senator while Sara went to the lobby to pick up a phone call and never returned. At the very end of last night's episode, we saw the nominee with the missing photos of Sara/Nicki from the bar in Gloucester. Is he involved with the Freemason plot? And if so, why does this society want his nomination confirmed? And most importantly, who is in that steel casket?? We'll have to wait until next week for more answers. If you would like to learn more about the Freemasons, click on over to Wikipedia for an extensive guide. You can watch this episode of Vanished in its entirety at Fox.com.

Premiering Tonight!!!
Dancing with the Stars kicks up its heels for the 2-hour 3rd season premiere tonight on ABC (8 p.m.). Harry Hamlin, Vivica A. Fox, Sara Evans, Willa Ford, Joey Lawrence, Mario Lopez, Shanna Moakler, Emmitt Smith, Jerry Springer, Monique Coleman and Tucker Carlson will compete in this round. The results show airs tomorrow night on ABC.

Men in Trees makes its debut tonight on a special night and time after Dancing with the Stars (ABC 10:02 p.m.). Anne Heche stars as a relationship coach whose own relationship falls apart, leaving her alone in a small Alaskan town full of available men. The show moves to its regular night/time on Friday at 9 p.m.


*And finally, Fox's The Simpsons will pay homage to fellow Fox show 24 later this season. The 400th episode, entitled "24 Minutes," will spoof the popular Kiefer Sutherland thriller according to series creator Matt Groening. Both Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub will provide their voices for the episode, playing their popular 24 characters Jack and Chloe. No airdate yet on the special 400th episode.

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suekola44 said...

I watched Men In Trees tonite. It has potential.
I also watched VM at 9:00. I'm so glad I did. There were things I completely forgot about. Like the fact that Aaron Echolls was murdered and who had ordered it.