Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Plot Development 'Vanished' Last Night

There wasn't too much plot advancement in last night's episode of Vanished. We learned that Max met Quinn when he was in rehab (she was his counselor), but is it relevant or just a red herring? Other than that realization, the show didn't give us much. Sure, Marcy was having an affair with the judicial candidate, but we already knew about it. We didn't know that Sara told the Senator that the candidate was sleeping with "an underage girl," and that's the reason he doesn't want to vote to confirm the man to the Supreme Court. On the Sara/Nicki front, we got confirmation that the body in the grave was not Nicki's, but then again, we already knew that since we saw the candidate arrange the set up. I did enjoy the shout-out to my alma mater, the University of Georgia, and playing my weekly game of "Atlanta/Not Atlanta" (and for that matter "Gloucester/Not Gloucester" as the MA fishing town suddenly grew palm trees!). And then there were the intense few minutes where we thought that Kelton and his crew might actually find something at the signal sight, but only found a box on a cell tower that was carrying the kidnappers' signal. Not that I expected them to find Sara, but I was hoping for someone a bit more interesting. The episode's saving grace came in the last 2 minutes or so when the FBI closed in on a remote cabin on Stone Mountain (for those interested in my little at home game - Not Atlanta because that was not Stone Mountain). Instead of finding Sara or one of the kidnappers, Kelton found a bloodbath in the room where the kidnappers kept her. I don't think Sara's dead, but it seems that someone is not still breathing.

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