Tuesday, September 19, 2006

'Smith' Not Generic like it Sounds

CBS' new thriller plays more like a big screen film than a weekly television series. The generically named Smith (premieres tonight with limited commercial interruption on CBS) has the cast to match. Ray Liotta, Virginia Madsen, Simon Baker, Amy Smart and Jonny Lee Miller headline this all-star cast that will keep you wondering whether you have stumbled upon a network premiere of a huge feature film. The premise is Ocean's 11 meets The Thomas Crown Affair as Bobby (Liotta) gathers a group of specialized thieves to help him steal three paintings for a client. In order to successfully pull off these jobs, Bobby leads a double life. At home, he's a cup salesman, loving father and loyal husband who happens to take a lot of business trips. During his "business trips," he's a world-class thief working for high priced clients. His wife (Madsen) is keeping some secrets of her own, though. In fact, most of the characters aren't showing all of their cards during the pilot episode. And that's what brings an extra dose of intrigue to the plot. Expect edge-of-your-seat moments, high-charged chases, explosive action and a dash of emotion to round it all out. The show's only fault so far is, it takes a jumbled path to tell its story during the premiere, so pay close attention as the story moves in and out of the past and present.

THE 411
PREMISE: A band of world class thieves pull high-stakes jobs for big money clients
STARRING: Ray Liotta, Virginia Madsen, Simon Baker, Amy Smart, Jonny Lee Miller, Franky G and Chris Bauer
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: John Wells (ER, The West Wing)
EXTRA BONUS: Plays more like a big screen action film than a television show
BOTTOM LINE: This show packs a big enough punch to match its star wattage GRADE: A-
PREMIERES: Tuesday, September 19th (TONIGHT) at 10 p.m. (EST) on CBS with limited commercial interruption. For more information, visit cbs.com.

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suekola44 said...

I was all set to give Smith a try until I saw the 10:00 time slot. I can't give up my Boston Legal. It does sound good though.

boxman said...

Thanks for your review of "Smith", TVFan! I missed it the other night and was wondering how the show went.