Thursday, September 28, 2006

'Bones' Makes its Bed & Then Has to Lye in it

Did you guys hear that Booth is back with his ex? The only question is, which ex? There sure was a lot of bed-hopping and gossiping about it last night on Bones! Seeing Booth in bed with Rebecca wasn't a surprise, and I was feeling a little betrayed by the promo. And then that ending scene happened! Booth and Cam??? Sure, the show had been building up to it, but I figured it was one of those "never gonna happen" type of things. Boy, this is going to complicate things at work. And did I detect a ping of jealousy from Bones when she found out about Rebecca? If so, then I don't want to be around when she finds out about Cam. Those two already have a rivalry going over their respective positions, repressed relationships with Booth and extensive knowledge. I just don't think that Cam hooking up with Booth is going to go over very well with Bones.

The case was disgusting with that melted flesh bathtub exhibit. And let me see if I can get this correct -- Larry died after his client pushed him and he fell into some equipment (not normally fatal, but Larry suffered from brittle bone disease). The client wanted it to look like suicide, so he set up a gun and shot bird shot into Larry's mouth. Then, his two wives and girlfriend found him, thought he committed suicide and therefore, they wouldn't get the life insurance money, so they made it look like murder by putting him in a lye-filled bathtub. Phew! You guys know that I watch too many crime shows and that tends to make me figure out the cases before the detectives, but I did not solve this one before Bones and Booth. In fact, I'm still piecing it together.

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suekola44 said...

I missed Bones last night(was over playing with the new puppy). Sounds like I missed a pretty good one.