Thursday, November 13, 2008

'Bones' Tries Booth Lite

Nothing like an awkward and emotional personal side story to distract me from the case of the week. In fact, I don't even remember too many of the details to this week's body in the meth lab outing. Nevertheless, let's revisit it together.

Bones's relationship with Booth's brother, but not for the reasons you're thinking. Clearly, I didn't want them together and was quite against it from the get-go. BUT, this relationship (if you even want to call it that considering they went out on one long, late-night date) brought out all sorts of things between Booth and Bones. At first, I thought they were going to need to spend the rest of their lives in counseling sessions with Sweets just to sort it all out, but they seemed to pull everything together at the end. I found myself once again thinking, "Boy, these two are blind! They can't even see what's right in front of their faces!" But, I digress. The best moment of the night, though, was Bones knocking "Booth Lite" off that bar stool! You go, girl!!

Bones's relationship with Booth's brother. No, I'm not going crazy and yes I realize that I also listed this as one of the "Goods" for the night, but as good as it was for the results it brought, it was equally bad because it had "ill-advised" written all over it. In fact, I was reminded of Cold Case's Vera warning Scotty that entering into a relationship with Lilly's sister was "ill-advised." It applies here as well and for all the same reasons. I also didn't like Booth being Booth and giving up the credit on that bust in order to save his trouble-ridden brother. I know he was only looking after his brother, but enough is enough. I was happy to see him finally cutting him loose at the end. "Booth Lite" needs to learn about actions and their consequences for once.

OK, I laughed when the state trooper cadets used tear gas to blow up a meth lab and a body was suddenly propelled through the air only to land on a parked police cruiser (and OK, I'm laughing now just recalling it), BUT this does NOT mean that it wasn't totally yuck. Therefore, yucky head on the windshield is the winner of the "Ugly" award this week.

If you missed last night's episode ("The Con Man in the Meth Lab"), check it out for free at


John said...

Brennan viwing Booth as a loser based just on Jared saya so after working with him for 3 years and all he has done for her and her family was beyond horrible.

I know Booth will forget it quickly, but that is part of his suffering for the benefit of others complex. (That has to be a better way to phrase that.)

RichE said...

As soon as I saw that head on the windscreen (sorry, windshield) I just knew it was going to be the PTR "Ugly" :-)

The push off the stool was great moment.

The case did slip into the background a little, I got lost in who was pretending to be who etc. Maybe I misunderstood but I think the money turned up after the fake-dad disappeared. Yet, they concluded that "P" had sent the money to his friend Jim, who got killed, so "P" pretended to be Jim. Just how long did this delivery take?

Did anyone else feel Tempie's speach in the bar was just a little over the top? Not looking at "baubles" any more? Could they make it any more obvious?

Why didn't Bones respond to Booth's "am I a loser?" question immediately. There was enough of a pause before his phone rang. She's said often enough how she admires him (dedicated, brave, great father etc.) so she is hardly going to consider him a loser all of a sudden.

So the revolving door policy on squints continues, or does it? This one didn't leave at the end, did he?


TVFan said...

"As soon as I saw that head on the windscreen (sorry, windshield) I just knew it was going to be the PTR 'Ugly'"

Ahhhh. You know me too well. ;-)

Good point, everyone, on the Bones thinking Booth's a loser story. It was way off base for the character. And I also agree that the "baubles" speech was a bit over the top.